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Will Bouma - Something to Talk About

Willem Bouma is a Canadian politician, who was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the 2018 provincial election. He represents the riding of Brantford—Brant as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Bouma has five children and lives in St. George, Ontario.

Podcast Series

Something to Talk About | Podcast with a Cause | Brantford Podcaster

Podcast Guest

Will Bouma, MPP Brantford—Brant (recorded in Brantford, ON)

Project Date

February 9, 2019 | Podcasting Live to Air from Brantford on BRAAGLE

Podcast Interview Transcript

0:00:00.910,0:00:06.480 [Music] 0:00:03.770,0:00:08.220 welcome to something to talk about where 0:00:06.480,0:00:10.110 I take all this gear that I’ve collected 0:00:08.220,0:00:12.120 over the years and I do something with 0:00:10.110,0:00:13.920 it and there’s nothing better to do than 0:00:12.120,0:00:16.560 to have a conversation with someone and 0:00:13.920,0:00:18.420 I’m joined today live to air with will 0:00:16.560,0:00:21.779 Booma the MPP of Brantford Brandt 0:00:18.420,0:00:23.580 introduce yourself well I rob and 0:00:21.779,0:00:26.250 everyone listening today I’m my name is 0:00:23.580,0:00:26.580 well Velma and I’m the MPP for Brantford 0:00:26.250,0:00:27.720 Brant 0:00:26.580,0:00:29.220 you know you just answered a question 0:00:27.720,0:00:30.510 right there how to properly say your 0:00:29.220,0:00:32.309 last name I’ve been butchering at all 0:00:30.510,0:00:34.860 this time haven’t I it’s never bothered 0:00:32.309,0:00:38.700 me boom a boma in high school I was the 0:00:34.860,0:00:41.940 big boom and but we grew up with Bauman 0:00:38.700,0:00:44.989 yes sir and do you go will or will you 0:00:41.940,0:00:47.340 no I’m totally comfortable with either 0:00:44.989,0:00:49.320 Willem has always confused people what 0:00:47.340,0:00:50.700 that means and so I just thought it was 0:00:49.320,0:00:51.960 much simpler to go with will on the 0:00:50.700,0:00:53.520 campaign science and everything else 0:00:51.960,0:00:58.109 well now you’ve intrigued me so what 0:00:53.520,0:01:01.199 does one mean resolution or helmet that 0:00:58.109,0:01:01.859 guess of course Willem William ville 0:01:01.199,0:01:05.820 Hellmuth 0:01:01.859,0:01:08.729 Guillermo in French Guillaume young we 0:01:05.820,0:01:10.920 are all from the same root so really 0:01:08.729,0:01:13.049 yeah so so if you were French you would 0:01:10.920,0:01:14.760 have been called guilt probably well 0:01:13.049,0:01:16.170 that’s that’s fascinating actually you 0:01:14.760,0:01:18.060 know small little things that I never 0:01:16.170,0:01:19.500 think about now you’re a fairly tall guy 0:01:18.060,0:01:21.240 and we were just joking that I had Doug 0:01:19.500,0:01:23.250 Doug hunt here with the stilts and I 0:01:21.240,0:01:25.380 didn’t know how he fit in you know 0:01:23.250,0:01:27.450 welcome to the basement is a wonderful 0:01:25.380,0:01:28.740 cold Saturday morning and I’m gently you 0:01:27.450,0:01:30.570 know as we talked about this is not 0:01:28.740,0:01:32.009 going to be a political chat so so the 0:01:30.570,0:01:33.600 for the few people that may be listening 0:01:32.009,0:01:34.920 to this live we’re not going to be 0:01:33.600,0:01:37.140 taking any political questions or 0:01:34.920,0:01:38.880 anything like that this is kind of like 0:01:37.140,0:01:40.829 a getting to note type of chat and 0:01:38.880,0:01:42.420 there’s a few aspects obviously that I 0:01:40.829,0:01:44.250 know of you because you know we we’ve 0:01:42.420,0:01:46.710 obviously crossed paths on on a few 0:01:44.250,0:01:48.450 occasions and you’re already being loved 0:01:46.710,0:01:50.340 by the cat whenever so just you know one 0:01:48.450,0:01:52.799 of the perks of doing this here versus 0:01:50.340,0:01:55.049 somewhere else you are a volunteer 0:01:52.799,0:01:56.310 firefighter yes sir okay you actually 0:01:55.049,0:01:58.140 when you walked in here and I told you 0:01:56.310,0:02:00.899 to turn off part of your gear one of the 0:01:58.140,0:02:02.520 things that I never saw on that table it 0:02:00.899,0:02:05.100 would obviously be would be the 0:02:02.520,0:02:08.160 emergency yeah my pager your pagers so 0:02:05.100,0:02:09.899 that’s more than a pager yeah so so what 0:02:08.160,0:02:11.580 does that mean being a volunteer 0:02:09.899,0:02:12.900 firefighter because you know I have a 0:02:11.580,0:02:13.380 bit of roots there but I don’t have the 0:02:12.900,0:02:16.350 knowledge 0:02:13.380,0:02:18.030 well going back to high school when I 0:02:16.350,0:02:20.160 was thinking about what I wanted to do I 0:02:18.030,0:02:20.760 I thought you know firefighting would be 0:02:20.160,0:02:23.100 really great 0:02:20.760,0:02:27.150 a hoof trimmer on the dairy farm believe 0:02:23.100,0:02:29.100 it or not cows get pedicures and and he 0:02:27.150,0:02:31.410 was a full time captain and the City of 0:02:29.100,0:02:34.920 London and and he said you know what 0:02:31.410,0:02:36.870 you’re a big guy and I think you could 0:02:34.920,0:02:39.210 do really well at this and so I was all 0:02:36.870,0:02:40.890 gung-ho and it was my brother who said 0:02:39.210,0:02:44.400 you know what I think that’s a great 0:02:40.890,0:02:45.930 great path but I want you to go to 0:02:44.400,0:02:47.190 university first and back then I used to 0:02:45.930,0:02:49.200 listen to my brother more than I listen 0:02:47.190,0:02:50.970 to my parents and then and then I fell 0:02:49.200,0:02:52.950 in love with with helping people see 0:02:50.970,0:02:54.720 better and about the firefighting thing 0:02:52.950,0:02:56.670 was always in the background even in the 0:02:54.720,0:02:58.020 states I put in an application for a 0:02:56.670,0:02:59.880 volunteer department and then we got 0:02:58.020,0:03:02.580 here and I just I just did it on a whim 0:02:59.880,0:03:03.990 and then a year later the the district 0:03:02.580,0:03:05.970 chief for our area or the deputy 0:03:03.990,0:03:10.020 district chief at the time he stopped in 0:03:05.970,0:03:11.700 and said you know we’d like you and I 0:03:10.020,0:03:13.380 said how come I got a lot of things 0:03:11.700,0:03:14.610 going on and it had kind of faded into 0:03:13.380,0:03:16.650 the background and he said well you know 0:03:14.610,0:03:18.030 what you have a unique unique position 0:03:16.650,0:03:19.260 you live here and you work here and 0:03:18.030,0:03:21.000 that’s you know you need people 0:03:19.260,0:03:22.890 available and that’s the that’s the 0:03:21.000,0:03:24.600 difficulty in volunteer firefighting and 0:03:22.890,0:03:26.160 yet it’s an extremely cost effective way 0:03:24.600,0:03:27.210 of helping people out most people in the 0:03:26.160,0:03:30.660 county of Brant I don’t think even 0:03:27.210,0:03:35.010 realize that they have a full-time 0:03:30.660,0:03:36.420 volunteer force that is carrying this 0:03:35.010,0:03:39.000 this equipment around and ready to 0:03:36.420,0:03:41.970 respond whenever it goes off and it’s 0:03:39.000,0:03:45.240 and so you know you you serve your 0:03:41.970,0:03:48.300 community and and and that’s just where 0:03:45.240,0:03:50.160 it kind of ends up and you know I firmly 0:03:48.300,0:03:52.020 believe that 99% of life is just showing 0:03:50.160,0:03:53.010 up for things people could trust you to 0:03:52.020,0:03:54.930 know what you’re doing when you’re 0:03:53.010,0:03:57.120 drained for it but it’s being there when 0:03:54.930,0:03:59.700 people need and need you and and that’s 0:03:57.120,0:04:01.470 how volunteer firefighting works out and 0:03:59.700,0:04:03.120 I had a chat with the integrity 0:04:01.470,0:04:05.040 commissioner of all things when I won 0:04:03.120,0:04:06.900 the election and he said no absolutely 0:04:05.040,0:04:09.630 you can continue to do that no problem 0:04:06.900,0:04:11.370 and and it’s still really great to be 0:04:09.630,0:04:14.160 out out with the guys out with the 0:04:11.370,0:04:16.710 community it’s it’s it’s so real it’s 0:04:14.160,0:04:19.020 and not to say that the political life 0:04:16.710,0:04:22.049 is not real but it’s it’s just on the 0:04:19.020,0:04:23.460 ground really working with the people 0:04:22.049,0:04:24.990 that you know I think the thing that 0:04:23.460,0:04:26.760 makes it difficult off and there’s the 0:04:24.990,0:04:27.240 fact that and the guys have said that 0:04:26.760,0:04:30.000 before 0:04:27.240,0:04:32.759 know everyone in town and and because of 0:04:30.000,0:04:34.919 my work has an optometrist III I know a 0:04:32.759,0:04:36.210 lot of people in town and so when there 0:04:34.919,0:04:37.800 when the red trucks are out in front of 0:04:36.210,0:04:40.410 your house and hats off to everyone that 0:04:37.800,0:04:43.410 does that you know City County Six 0:04:40.410,0:04:45.000 Nations you know you’re there when 0:04:43.410,0:04:46.229 people need you most and they’re often 0:04:45.000,0:04:48.539 having the worst day of your life and 0:04:46.229,0:04:49.830 you’re really really your only job is to 0:04:48.539,0:04:52.199 make that really bad day a little bit 0:04:49.830,0:04:54.599 better and that’s a and it’s solidified 0:04:52.199,0:04:58.199 a lot of things in my life about you 0:04:54.599,0:04:59.789 know what my purpose is and and I still 0:04:58.199,0:05:01.470 feel really great about that and it’s 0:04:59.789,0:05:03.810 it’s a great great thing to be a part of 0:05:01.470,0:05:05.819 yeah the when I was interviewing Randy 0:05:03.810,0:05:08.940 papple who basically it was 40 years as 0:05:05.819,0:05:10.470 yeah paramedic right you know these are 0:05:08.940,0:05:12.419 not the people that you want to see on a 0:05:10.470,0:05:14.639 regular base no you know there was you 0:05:12.419,0:05:15.990 know police fire and an ambulance you 0:05:14.639,0:05:17.610 know you want them there when you need 0:05:15.990,0:05:20.400 them there yes you know and I was 0:05:17.610,0:05:22.650 interviewing the colonel for the brigade 0:05:20.400,0:05:25.740 that’s based out of Toronto and I 0:05:22.650,0:05:26.970 brought up the Toronto mental asmin snow 0:05:25.740,0:05:28.860 removal because that would have been his 0:05:26.970,0:05:30.690 his battalion that was brought in and 0:05:28.860,0:05:32.729 you know and we were talking about it’s 0:05:30.690,0:05:35.539 like there were major arteries of the 0:05:32.729,0:05:38.430 city that were blocked that impeded 0:05:35.539,0:05:41.969 firefighters police and ambulance just 0:05:38.430,0:05:43.650 to remove those arteries you know it was 0:05:41.969,0:05:45.270 important yeah a lot of people thought 0:05:43.650,0:05:47.520 it was you know for the you know the 0:05:45.270,0:05:49.530 casual driver there’s like you know 0:05:47.520,0:05:51.210 there are key things that first 0:05:49.530,0:05:54.180 responders need to do and that is 0:05:51.210,0:05:56.310 mobility yeah anything and speed yeah 0:05:54.180,0:05:57.810 you know now how does that work is it is 0:05:56.310,0:05:59.849 it a pure volunteer force is that a 0:05:57.810,0:06:01.740 partial force like going back to the 0:05:59.849,0:06:03.389 conversation I did a recent about you 0:06:01.740,0:06:04.710 know the reserves versus primary for the 0:06:03.389,0:06:06.150 right armed forces so how does that work 0:06:04.710,0:06:08.520 in Grant County so we have some 0:06:06.150,0:06:10.530 full-time staff in Paris and the fire 0:06:08.520,0:06:13.740 prevention officers a chief deputy chief 0:06:10.530,0:06:15.690 some administrative staff and but then 0:06:13.740,0:06:17.810 everything at the local level there’s a 0:06:15.690,0:06:20.430 district chief a deputy district chief 0:06:17.810,0:06:22.770 captains and firefighters and all of 0:06:20.430,0:06:24.780 those positions are volunteers so the 0:06:22.770,0:06:26.460 headquarters is in Paris over at the 0:06:24.780,0:06:28.800 main station number one there on Dundas 0:06:26.460,0:06:30.990 Street and then but everyone else who 0:06:28.800,0:06:32.550 responds in in a firetruck is a 0:06:30.990,0:06:34.560 volunteer they they dropped what they 0:06:32.550,0:06:37.110 were doing their employers are amenable 0:06:34.560,0:06:38.759 to them doing that or their farmers or 0:06:37.110,0:06:40.740 or and 0:06:38.759,0:06:42.210 and you stop what you’re doing and you 0:06:40.740,0:06:44.400 get in your car and go to the fire hall 0:06:42.210,0:06:46.559 and and and respond now I’m assuming 0:06:44.400,0:06:47.969 there’s some form of escalation it’s not 0:06:46.559,0:06:49.770 necessarily always an all-hands-on-deck 0:06:47.969,0:06:52.979 I would assume like there’s probably a 0:06:49.770,0:06:55.349 primary response team maybe and then as 0:06:52.979,0:06:57.449 the fire is like how does that scale so 0:06:55.349,0:06:59.759 Paris splits it into two you know they 0:06:57.449,0:07:00.240 have a large force and so it depends 0:06:59.759,0:07:02.520 what it is 0:07:00.240,0:07:03.960 and then it also depends on time of day 0:07:02.520,0:07:05.969 so you get a really good sense in your 0:07:03.960,0:07:07.919 mind who’s going to be there and who’s 0:07:05.969,0:07:09.300 not you you know we usually have a 0:07:07.919,0:07:12.360 pretty good idea who’s working out of 0:07:09.300,0:07:14.069 town and and we keep a board in front of 0:07:12.360,0:07:16.439 the fire trucks that says who’s away and 0:07:14.069,0:07:20.699 you put your name on it and so depending 0:07:16.439,0:07:22.800 on what’s going on you might get you 0:07:20.699,0:07:24.930 know three four people and and and you 0:07:22.800,0:07:26.520 might get everyone out and and people 0:07:24.930,0:07:28.979 will respond differently to yesterday I 0:07:26.520,0:07:32.009 was yesterday morning I was busy seeing 0:07:28.979,0:07:34.259 patients and there was a false alarm at 0:07:32.009,0:07:37.050 in the industrial subdivision near st. 0:07:34.259,0:07:38.879 George and we had enough guys to take 0:07:37.050,0:07:39.809 care of that so I knew I could continue 0:07:38.879,0:07:42.180 doing what I was doing 0:07:39.809,0:07:43.949 mm-hmm-hmm and obviously you know when 0:07:42.180,0:07:45.810 you’re in session you’re at Queen’s Park 0:07:43.949,0:07:47.339 and yeah obviously changes a few things 0:07:45.810,0:07:49.469 as well you’re well and I’ve had 0:07:47.339,0:07:50.689 conversations with with with the team 0:07:49.469,0:07:52.649 about that and just said you know 0:07:50.689,0:07:53.969 obviously someone else that could be 0:07:52.649,0:07:56.699 around here more might be more effective 0:07:53.969,0:07:58.080 for you and I was basically told that 0:07:56.699,0:07:59.459 there’s not a chance that I was going to 0:07:58.080,0:08:01.740 be allowed to get out of it that easily 0:07:59.459,0:08:03.749 so well to your point that there’s 0:08:01.740,0:08:05.789 there’s passion there clearly okay and 0:08:03.749,0:08:08.099 you never deny passion right like you 0:08:05.789,0:08:10.110 may not like people you may not you know 0:08:08.099,0:08:13.919 appreciate this but never deny passion 0:08:10.110,0:08:16.589 right that’s a core engagement factor 0:08:13.919,0:08:18.659 that you can’t replace right you are 0:08:16.589,0:08:21.059 still a resident of st. George yes sir 0:08:18.659,0:08:22.379 you know you are here well when you’re 0:08:21.059,0:08:24.419 not in session you’re here and I’ll 0:08:22.379,0:08:26.129 leave the Friday Saturday Sunday is for 0:08:24.419,0:08:27.479 the most part yeah you’re here well the 0:08:26.129,0:08:29.249 same structure still yep 0:08:27.479,0:08:31.379 and I’ve come home every night but one 0:08:29.249,0:08:34.589 really and so ya know that’s a priority 0:08:31.379,0:08:36.930 for me you know my youngest is 10 my 0:08:34.589,0:08:39.329 oldest is 19 in college and the next 0:08:36.930,0:08:41.760 one’s in grade 12 and so the kids are 0:08:39.329,0:08:45.240 there and it’s it’s a job that really 0:08:41.760,0:08:46.949 separates you and talking to some of my 0:08:45.240,0:08:49.620 colleagues it’s very very difficult on 0:08:46.949,0:08:51.779 family and and and you know I’m so lucky 0:08:49.620,0:08:52.470 that I can actually make the commute 0:08:51.779,0:08:54.270 it’s not fit 0:08:52.470,0:08:56.640 it’s two hours I Drive to Aldershot take 0:08:54.270,0:08:59.220 the train every day and yet you know at 0:08:56.640,0:09:01.350 8:30 if I’m lucky when I get home that’s 0:08:59.220,0:09:04.290 then then but if I was in Toronto right 0:09:01.350,0:09:06.810 now what would I be doing and I’d rather 0:09:04.290,0:09:08.760 be home and in my community and you know 0:09:06.810,0:09:10.230 and then that makes me available to to 0:09:08.760,0:09:13.320 respond again to depending on what’s 0:09:10.230,0:09:14.790 going on but I feel that tied to the 0:09:13.320,0:09:16.110 community really really well a lot of my 0:09:14.790,0:09:18.180 friends a lot of the people that I know 0:09:16.110,0:09:19.920 you know from the north further east 0:09:18.180,0:09:21.870 further west they they don’t have the 0:09:19.920,0:09:24.750 ability to do that and and they they 0:09:21.870,0:09:26.100 live at Toronto during the week but you 0:09:24.750,0:09:27.360 know I’ve kind of reserved that just in 0:09:26.100,0:09:29.310 case of an emergency or if we have a 0:09:27.360,0:09:30.990 really really late meeting yeah or it 0:09:29.310,0:09:32.580 becomes impossible to come home when 0:09:30.990,0:09:34.110 there are times when you go into late 0:09:32.580,0:09:35.700 night sessions there are times when the 0:09:34.110,0:09:37.260 weather is just stupid like the last 0:09:35.700,0:09:40.080 time we were supposed to do this yes you 0:09:37.260,0:09:41.670 do not want to drive on days like you 0:09:40.080,0:09:43.200 know and I’ll be honest one of the 0:09:41.670,0:09:44.580 things I love about what I get to do is 0:09:43.200,0:09:47.190 for the most part I do it virtually 0:09:44.580,0:09:49.140 right yeah I’ve always said one of the 0:09:47.190,0:09:50.550 one of the best benefits of Brantford 0:09:49.140,0:09:52.040 and they might just be for me but I 0:09:50.550,0:09:54.320 think it applies to a lot of people is 0:09:52.040,0:09:57.060 everything that you can do in a 0:09:54.320,0:09:59.490 metropolitan city you can do it in a 0:09:57.060,0:10:01.740 basement in Brantford remotely yeah and 0:09:59.490,0:10:03.510 you know I’ve had clients as we talked 0:10:01.740,0:10:05.820 about as far away as Australia and it’s 0:10:03.510,0:10:07.590 like you know the savings on that but 0:10:05.820,0:10:10.740 the biggest thing is I never want to 0:10:07.590,0:10:12.300 commute again I am I was so done well 0:10:10.740,0:10:15.900 and that’s been the biggest adjustment 0:10:12.300,0:10:18.180 you know for 11 years we I ran my 0:10:15.900,0:10:19.770 optometry practice out of my house and 0:10:18.180,0:10:21.810 so it was as simple as going from the 0:10:19.770,0:10:23.460 living room into the front and and then 0:10:21.810,0:10:25.560 I saw patients and now we live about a 0:10:23.460,0:10:26.820 hundred metres away and that we moved 0:10:25.560,0:10:29.220 around the corner and rebuilt the 0:10:26.820,0:10:32.430 practice and in preparation for this if 0:10:29.220,0:10:34.410 it happened and and now it’s it’s two 0:10:32.430,0:10:36.540 hours one way and two hours back you 0:10:34.410,0:10:37.920 know but I really love the go system you 0:10:36.540,0:10:39.930 know and I still dream about expanding 0:10:37.920,0:10:42.870 that further but right down it’s not 0:10:39.930,0:10:45.480 cost-effective but but you know the 0:10:42.870,0:10:47.100 ability to to get down to Aldershot and 0:10:45.480,0:10:49.080 take the train and count on that to I 0:10:47.100,0:10:51.810 think our first snowstorm in November 0:10:49.080,0:10:53.520 you know I stayed an hour longer and and 0:10:51.810,0:10:55.590 then you know communicated with people 0:10:53.520,0:10:58.020 on their way home yet and I was in my 0:10:55.590,0:11:01.620 car on highway 5 and everyone else was 0:10:58.020,0:11:03.690 still in Mississauga so it’s it’s it’s a 0:11:01.620,0:11:05.460 really great system and I think 0:11:03.690,0:11:05.820 especially with the traffic I couldn’t 0:11:05.460,0:11:09.030 imagine 0:11:05.820,0:11:11.880 in any other way no it’s you know and to 0:11:09.030,0:11:13.950 your point getting it obviously to Brian 0:11:11.880,0:11:16.470 you need a certain amount of traffic to 0:11:13.950,0:11:18.420 validate a certain cost like that but 0:11:16.470,0:11:20.340 yeah I’ve always said the Aldershot 0:11:18.420,0:11:21.240 parking lot the biggest priority is that 0:11:20.340,0:11:22.920 needs to be huge 0:11:21.240,0:11:26.400 yes you know that that that is now a 0:11:22.920,0:11:28.680 major artery for the anything past that 0:11:26.400,0:11:30.990 yeah all the way to us and then probably 0:11:28.680,0:11:32.340 even further no absolutely I wouldn’t be 0:11:30.990,0:11:34.440 surprised if Woodstock people are 0:11:32.340,0:11:35.940 constantly using that as well I think so 0:11:34.440,0:11:37.860 I really don’t believe that 0:11:35.940,0:11:39.180 so it’s I’ve always really thought you 0:11:37.860,0:11:40.710 know if you’re gonna do that this is 0:11:39.180,0:11:42.030 where you know that money needs to be 0:11:40.710,0:11:43.260 first and foremost because it’s the last 0:11:42.030,0:11:44.910 thing like there was a period of time 0:11:43.260,0:11:46.260 when I was taking the go the amount of 0:11:44.910,0:11:48.240 parking tickets I had to endure just 0:11:46.260,0:11:50.070 because there was no parking yes you 0:11:48.240,0:11:51.870 know it’s like I’m gonna have to park it 0:11:50.070,0:11:53.400 here because there’s the train well in 0:11:51.870,0:11:55.020 it and it grounds you because there’s so 0:11:53.400,0:11:58.170 many people that do that every day and 0:11:55.020,0:11:59.820 and just just the fact that you know I 0:11:58.170,0:12:01.350 posted a few videos from the Train and 0:11:59.820,0:12:03.300 the response that I get from people and 0:12:01.350,0:12:07.380 on social media about being able to do 0:12:03.300,0:12:07.710 that is it just it brings it back to 0:12:07.380,0:12:10.860 normal 0:12:07.710,0:12:12.690 mm-hmm and and and you know I am a 0:12:10.860,0:12:14.850 commuter to Toronto right now just like 0:12:12.690,0:12:16.170 anyone else and and I love that I love 0:12:14.850,0:12:18.420 the connection the stuff that really 0:12:16.170,0:12:19.740 connects me to the community I love you 0:12:18.420,0:12:22.080 know someone calls and just wants to 0:12:19.740,0:12:24.480 have a meeting I love seeing my patients 0:12:22.080,0:12:27.060 because you know there’s a there’s a 0:12:24.480,0:12:29.820 whole you know to me my worldview of 0:12:27.060,0:12:33.300 service you know I always you know I 0:12:29.820,0:12:34.500 remember by my former boss and colleague 0:12:33.300,0:12:35.940 and mentor said you know we have the 0:12:34.500,0:12:37.260 greatest job in the world he says so 0:12:35.940,0:12:38.760 many people I know are in middle or 0:12:37.260,0:12:40.980 upper management they’re squeezed from 0:12:38.760,0:12:42.510 above and they’re squeezed from below he 0:12:40.980,0:12:44.550 says I bike to work I hang out with my 0:12:42.510,0:12:46.590 friends all day they give me money and I 0:12:44.550,0:12:49.050 go home and and that’s how I looked at 0:12:46.590,0:12:50.970 optometry but what really what really 0:12:49.050,0:12:53.250 fused all that was actually being on the 0:12:50.970,0:12:55.410 fire department because again as I said 0:12:53.250,0:12:57.060 earlier when you’re when you’re at 0:12:55.410,0:12:58.980 someone’s house with the trucks it’s the 0:12:57.060,0:13:00.180 worst day of their life all you have to 0:12:58.980,0:13:02.730 do is show up and make that day a little 0:13:00.180,0:13:04.080 bit better and and and that kind of and 0:13:02.730,0:13:06.240 then I took a ritz-carlton course 0:13:04.080,0:13:09.960 through at one of my educational 0:13:06.240,0:13:12.600 sessions and just that idea of you know 0:13:09.960,0:13:14.700 the small things holding the door for 0:13:12.600,0:13:16.860 someone you know being pleasant trying 0:13:14.700,0:13:18.900 to keep a smile on your face and and and 0:13:16.860,0:13:20.690 those those little things are what make 0:13:18.900,0:13:23.610 the difference in our daily lives and 0:13:20.690,0:13:25.860 and you know I tell my kids that all the 0:13:23.610,0:13:27.630 time if if you ever think you know oh 0:13:25.860,0:13:29.670 this is a big deal what dad’s doing 0:13:27.630,0:13:32.010 right now you know what it’s just it’s 0:13:29.670,0:13:34.080 just more of that little stuff mm-hmm 0:13:32.010,0:13:36.750 being pleasant and all those things and 0:13:34.080,0:13:38.100 I screwed that up every day and because 0:13:36.750,0:13:40.500 you get short and you’re trying to get 0:13:38.100,0:13:42.060 somewhere and your schedule gets messed 0:13:40.500,0:13:47.490 up I don’t do well with that at all 0:13:42.060,0:13:49.410 and but just that idea of how good whose 0:13:47.490,0:13:51.420 day can I make a little bit better today 0:13:49.410,0:13:53.700 and can I can I do that more than just 0:13:51.420,0:13:55.260 one person can I try to my goal is can I 0:13:53.700,0:13:56.850 can I do that with every single person 0:13:55.260,0:13:58.380 that I see today mm-hmm and that’s 0:13:56.850,0:13:59.880 obviously not always possible because 0:13:58.380,0:14:02.280 people react differently to things that 0:13:59.880,0:14:04.620 you do and yet at the same time it’s 0:14:02.280,0:14:06.540 that it’s it’s not the big stuff it’s 0:14:04.620,0:14:08.700 it’s the small stuff it’s it’s holding 0:14:06.540,0:14:10.680 the door it’s it’s helping someone with 0:14:08.700,0:14:12.780 their groceries getting out of the 0:14:10.680,0:14:13.650 grocery store and and those are the 0:14:12.780,0:14:15.450 things that bring me the most 0:14:13.650,0:14:17.850 satisfaction and that’s kind of how I 0:14:15.450,0:14:19.350 got into this stuff now where I’m at 0:14:17.850,0:14:21.060 yeah well one of the photos I saw you 0:14:19.350,0:14:23.190 recently and it’s actually tied to a 0:14:21.060,0:14:25.680 previous episode that we did do we did a 0:14:23.190,0:14:28.230 full interview with the healthy harvest 0:14:25.680,0:14:29.760 box oh yeah okay so Jason I posted a 0:14:28.230,0:14:31.740 picture of you there that day on 0:14:29.760,0:14:34.440 delivery day yeah you know helping out 0:14:31.740,0:14:35.940 and it’s like yeah I didn’t expect you 0:14:34.440,0:14:38.640 to be there but I expected you to be 0:14:35.940,0:14:40.500 there it wasn’t a shock to see you there 0:14:38.640,0:14:42.120 if you follow my Jess yeah no and and 0:14:40.500,0:14:43.650 that’s the kind of stuff that I really 0:14:42.120,0:14:45.930 really get excited about because there’s 0:14:43.650,0:14:49.620 someone who’s making a business work 0:14:45.930,0:14:51.330 mm-hmm and that social enterprise I 0:14:49.620,0:14:52.830 don’t know if you call it that oh it is 0:14:51.330,0:14:54.960 definitely a social enterprise but just 0:14:52.830,0:14:57.240 the fact that that and that and that’s 0:14:54.960,0:14:59.700 where I really see you know government’s 0:14:57.240,0:15:02.520 role is to create opportunities for 0:14:59.700,0:15:04.560 people to serve to make a living and to 0:15:02.520,0:15:06.750 help other people and then you know our 0:15:04.560,0:15:09.570 role is not to necessarily do that 0:15:06.750,0:15:11.190 program because you know I think it was 0:15:09.570,0:15:12.930 Ronald Reagan said the scariest words in 0:15:11.190,0:15:15.330 the English language are I’m from the 0:15:12.930,0:15:17.880 government and I’m here to help and but 0:15:15.330,0:15:19.590 but our role is to enable people to do 0:15:17.880,0:15:21.390 those things and to reach out and then 0:15:19.590,0:15:23.600 you know let people pursue those dreams 0:15:21.390,0:15:25.790 of public service and and 0:15:23.600,0:15:27.589 and when when I like Jason’s program 0:15:25.790,0:15:32.410 there and that whole whole thing you 0:15:27.589,0:15:35.899 know local food and as much as we can 0:15:32.410,0:15:38.449 you know but where they can get it and 0:15:35.899,0:15:40.250 they can do it effectively and provide a 0:15:38.449,0:15:41.810 service that people buy into because 0:15:40.250,0:15:43.670 they want to buy local to the best of 0:15:41.810,0:15:45.470 their ability and to be able to deliver 0:15:43.670,0:15:47.839 that door at the door and then have 0:15:45.470,0:15:50.120 enough left over to be able to help 0:15:47.839,0:15:51.170 other people in different parts who who 0:15:50.120,0:15:53.389 don’t have access to those things 0:15:51.170,0:15:54.860 normally I to me that’s just such a 0:15:53.389,0:15:55.399 brilliant brilliant program it’s really 0:15:54.860,0:15:57.319 exciting 0:15:55.399,0:15:59.690 I’ve been fortunate to obviously have a 0:15:57.319,0:16:02.480 lot of back view of that project 0:15:59.690,0:16:04.040 so when we were mapping out the it’s 0:16:02.480,0:16:05.899 actually a smashing pixels websites 0:16:04.040,0:16:07.519 really know Trevor well I actually 0:16:05.899,0:16:10.100 helped out with the Commerce part of 0:16:07.519,0:16:13.459 that system yeah so it’s it’s a passion 0:16:10.100,0:16:14.569 project for a lot of us yeah and one of 0:16:13.459,0:16:16.639 the biggest things that we were talking 0:16:14.569,0:16:18.560 about was when a person comes through 0:16:16.639,0:16:21.470 that process it’s not like the old 0:16:18.560,0:16:23.540 program where it was just for food bank 0:16:21.470,0:16:25.579 recipients like yeah they this is for 0:16:23.540,0:16:27.529 everybody yeah you know the quality of 0:16:25.579,0:16:29.209 the food the diversity of the food but 0:16:27.529,0:16:30.290 also when we were mapping it all out 0:16:29.209,0:16:32.300 because like I said there’s about a 0:16:30.290,0:16:34.100 hundred product variations in the back 0:16:32.300,0:16:36.470 end and I’m being tacky for two seconds 0:16:34.100,0:16:39.500 but they were all geared to also being 0:16:36.470,0:16:41.269 able to make people how do i upsell that 0:16:39.500,0:16:44.060 transaction can I get a little bit more 0:16:41.269,0:16:46.160 of a donation can I get the ability to 0:16:44.060,0:16:48.649 purchase this for someone else other 0:16:46.160,0:16:49.790 than me yeah I’m the first-ever purchase 0:16:48.649,0:16:51.889 I don’t know if Jason told you this 0:16:49.790,0:16:54.110 Mel’s perfect the first-ever purchase on 0:16:51.889,0:16:55.850 that site and it was within an hour so 0:16:54.110,0:16:56.449 of it going live so we were all like is 0:16:55.850,0:16:58.040 this gonna work 0:16:56.449,0:16:59.930 right like you’re talking months and 0:16:58.040,0:17:02.689 months of once a prep work on something 0:16:59.930,0:17:05.480 like this and the first one was a girl 0:17:02.689,0:17:07.579 from Nova Scotia really whose parents 0:17:05.480,0:17:09.169 live in Brantford and she wanted to make 0:17:07.579,0:17:11.900 sure that her parents for the next three 0:17:09.169,0:17:15.079 months received a healthy harvest box 0:17:11.900,0:17:18.110 she bought it in half in Halifax went 0:17:15.079,0:17:19.819 online it was in the system and it got 0:17:18.110,0:17:21.049 delivered and bundled by you that day 0:17:19.819,0:17:22.490 yeah you know and that was the 0:17:21.049,0:17:24.350 first-ever order and it’s like the old 0:17:22.490,0:17:27.079 system or the old model would have been 0:17:24.350,0:17:29.299 who’s knocking at my door right now yeah 0:17:27.079,0:17:30.530 and it just opened it wide up so it’s 0:17:29.299,0:17:32.840 one of those yes that’s a social 0:17:30.530,0:17:34.909 business social enterprise all that that 0:17:32.840,0:17:37.020 when I first heard about it I was like I 0:17:34.909,0:17:38.640 was all in on helping 0:17:37.020,0:17:40.710 well I got a new one for you go for it 0:17:38.640,0:17:42.960 and you know Fausto Victorio yeah 0:17:40.710,0:17:45.090 and so Fausto was in my office the other 0:17:42.960,0:17:47.990 day and so I guess this is a shameless 0:17:45.090,0:17:51.990 plug but the concept of this idea where 0:17:47.990,0:17:54.090 you know tempera temp agencies have a 0:17:51.990,0:17:55.529 bad rap in our community and and there’s 0:17:54.090,0:17:57.270 a whole bunch of reasons for that and I 0:17:55.529,0:17:58.770 won’t get into that but the fact that 0:17:57.270,0:18:00.840 him and a bunch of other people want to 0:17:58.770,0:18:03.600 start a business you know an employment 0:18:00.840,0:18:06.360 agency where we take people and get them 0:18:03.600,0:18:09.270 into some sort of work but then part of 0:18:06.360,0:18:10.950 that is you sign up for training on your 0:18:09.270,0:18:12.570 lunch hours I forget if it’s two three 0:18:10.950,0:18:15.390 or four days a week if I was token talk 0:18:12.570,0:18:17.970 to you about that where not only do they 0:18:15.390,0:18:19.230 get people into work experience but 0:18:17.970,0:18:21.059 they’re also training them on a regular 0:18:19.230,0:18:22.649 basis to give them those other skills so 0:18:21.059,0:18:25.740 that thing ended a better and full-time 0:18:22.649,0:18:27.240 work and because you know something that 0:18:25.740,0:18:29.460 I’ve really seen over the last eight 0:18:27.240,0:18:32.190 months is there’s so many employers that 0:18:29.460,0:18:35.039 are looking for good people and and and 0:18:32.190,0:18:37.289 so in one in it we have so many people 0:18:35.039,0:18:40.049 looking for good workers and yet we have 0:18:37.289,0:18:42.360 so many people who are not working and 0:18:40.049,0:18:43.799 to make that connection better and and 0:18:42.360,0:18:45.120 so I’m really excited about the 0:18:43.799,0:18:47.370 potential for what they’re hoping to do 0:18:45.120,0:18:51.090 with that one and yet in a model where 0:18:47.370,0:18:52.230 you know there’s no there’s no taxes 0:18:51.090,0:18:54.210 going into this system this is just 0:18:52.230,0:18:56.309 people working to make other people’s 0:18:54.210,0:18:57.029 lives better a proper community yeah 0:18:56.309,0:18:59.250 imagine that 0:18:57.029,0:19:00.570 I know it’s and so those those things I 0:18:59.250,0:19:02.309 get really really excited about well 0:19:00.570,0:19:03.990 it’s like this set up here I’ve reached 0:19:02.309,0:19:05.850 out to other people in the area it’s 0:19:03.990,0:19:07.919 like you use my gear come on over use it 0:19:05.850,0:19:09.929 yeah you know that this is Brantford 0:19:07.919,0:19:11.159 yeah there’s certain you know and I’m 0:19:09.929,0:19:12.570 not from Brantford you’re not from 0:19:11.159,0:19:14.399 Brantford but you know there’s certain 0:19:12.570,0:19:17.789 things in Brantford in the general area 0:19:14.399,0:19:18.870 that change a person well in and and and 0:19:17.789,0:19:20.970 you know we talked a little bit about 0:19:18.870,0:19:24.899 that in the preview but just even how 0:19:20.970,0:19:27.179 how politics gets done here and the 0:19:24.899,0:19:29.610 collegiality that I’ve seen you know and 0:19:27.179,0:19:31.169 you take it for granted the fact that 0:19:29.610,0:19:32.669 we’re not each other’s throats all the 0:19:31.169,0:19:35.220 time and even even the city in the 0:19:32.669,0:19:36.480 county the two new mayors have know from 0:19:35.220,0:19:38.820 what I’ve seen a very good well the 0:19:36.480,0:19:42.120 relationships yeah and and the fact that 0:19:38.820,0:19:45.510 we can work on things together and just 0:19:42.120,0:19:47.309 even you know my predecessor Dave Levac 0:19:45.510,0:19:48.040 and his relationship with filmer Coleman 0:19:47.309,0:19:51.670 and 0:19:48.040,0:19:53.380 that that friendship working together 0:19:51.670,0:19:56.350 even though they weren’t on the same 0:19:53.380,0:19:58.510 political page always it’s something 0:19:56.350,0:20:00.940 that it’s it’s a really great to be a 0:19:58.510,0:20:04.660 part of that and and what I’ve realized 0:20:00.940,0:20:08.470 now is that we are so far out of the 0:20:04.660,0:20:09.880 norm and and and just the fact that you 0:20:08.470,0:20:11.560 know Dave always said we live in the 0:20:09.880,0:20:13.660 greatest place in the world to live work 0:20:11.560,0:20:16.000 play and raise a family but in so many 0:20:13.660,0:20:17.920 parts he stole that from Walter oh did 0:20:16.000,0:20:20.440 he stole that from Walter I never knew 0:20:17.920,0:20:22.390 exactly that’s a Walter Gretzky one yeah 0:20:20.440,0:20:24.490 well we are the center of the universe 0:20:22.390,0:20:27.340 Walter got it right oh yeah and there’s 0:20:24.490,0:20:29.170 a lot of people that made that special 0:20:27.340,0:20:31.210 you know when I grew up as a as a Dutch 0:20:29.170,0:20:34.780 immigrant kid I think 30 years later we 0:20:31.210,0:20:38.410 were still the newcomers and after after 0:20:34.780,0:20:40.360 now what is it 2006 so 13 years in this 0:20:38.410,0:20:42.460 area it’s like you’ve been here your 0:20:40.360,0:20:44.980 whole life it’s it’s this community is 0:20:42.460,0:20:48.340 my kids hometown and the connections 0:20:44.980,0:20:50.050 that we have with the river and and the 0:20:48.340,0:20:52.300 city and the county how things go 0:20:50.050,0:20:56.650 together in six nations and and then the 0:20:52.300,0:20:57.940 credit is is uh I think very very very 0:20:56.650,0:20:59.800 good we have a lot of work to do 0:20:57.940,0:21:03.370 obviously there’s a lot of problems I 0:20:59.800,0:21:04.480 mean there’s a lot of problems and and 0:21:03.370,0:21:06.730 all you have to do is talk to anyone to 0:21:04.480,0:21:08.530 hear about those things but the bones of 0:21:06.730,0:21:10.870 this community and the the social 0:21:08.530,0:21:13.540 network that exists here is is stunning 0:21:10.870,0:21:15.250 and it’s and it’s such a great the great 0:21:13.540,0:21:18.430 thing to be a part of this way to serve 0:21:15.250,0:21:19.990 this way yeah I do find that there are 0:21:18.430,0:21:21.790 like a better term 0:21:19.990,0:21:23.230 petty elements if you will yeah there 0:21:21.790,0:21:25.030 are people with long-standing grudges 0:21:23.230,0:21:27.820 and whatnot and they represent a good 0:21:25.030,0:21:29.380 chunk of the the verbal diarrhea that we 0:21:27.820,0:21:31.870 forget get on a daily basis because 0:21:29.380,0:21:34.660 that’s how it works but there is a lot 0:21:31.870,0:21:36.250 of people that at the end of the day you 0:21:34.660,0:21:38.020 don’t like you and me totally different 0:21:36.250,0:21:41.440 political stripes I don’t have any you 0:21:38.020,0:21:43.000 know it’s hard to but you know it but 0:21:41.440,0:21:45.490 yet I’ve been fortunate enough to have 0:21:43.000,0:21:47.020 had Dave Levesque in the hobo shack in 0:21:45.490,0:21:49.720 the backyard yeah you in the basement 0:21:47.020,0:21:52.900 you know you don’t get stuff like that 0:21:49.720,0:21:53.590 in a Toronto or you know it’s possible 0:21:52.900,0:21:55.780 don’t get me wrong 0:21:53.590,0:21:58.900 no but not at that same level of 0:21:55.780,0:22:00.220 casualness I find yeah I know I think I 0:21:58.900,0:22:01.680 think we said a model that a lot of 0:22:00.220,0:22:03.300 places could good look for in 0:22:01.680,0:22:05.010 not to put them down there’s there’s 0:22:03.300,0:22:08.310 lots of reasons for why those things are 0:22:05.010,0:22:11.490 the way they are but this the community 0:22:08.310,0:22:12.990 is a fantastic place yeah well and see 0:22:11.490,0:22:14.430 that’s the one thing like I said I’ve 0:22:12.990,0:22:16.320 been fortunate enough to bump into you 0:22:14.430,0:22:18.690 on a few occasions I’ve seen you you 0:22:16.320,0:22:21.060 know step into Dave shoes and the entire 0:22:18.690,0:22:23.300 process but before I get into the you 0:22:21.060,0:22:26.370 know the growing up Dutch yeah you know 0:22:23.300,0:22:28.110 I’m fascinated by it because I don’t 0:22:26.370,0:22:30.150 have enough knowledge about it and 0:22:28.110,0:22:32.910 having grown up in the military or you 0:22:30.150,0:22:34.940 know obviously the Netherlands and Dutch 0:22:32.910,0:22:37.320 and all that is constantly there yeah 0:22:34.940,0:22:38.940 spending a better part of my my years in 0:22:37.320,0:22:40.500 Ottawa I’m constantly surrounded by the 0:22:38.940,0:22:42.600 to love festivals right so I’ve always 0:22:40.500,0:22:44.280 been exposed to it but I’ve never really 0:22:42.600,0:22:47.310 gone a good sense of it and I’d love to 0:22:44.280,0:22:49.020 hear from you okay and be as verbose as 0:22:47.310,0:22:50.520 you want as you all know my parents made 0:22:49.020,0:22:52.200 the decision because they saw the 0:22:50.520,0:22:56.130 opportunity that this country had to 0:22:52.200,0:22:58.410 offer in 1976 to emigrate I was three 0:22:56.130,0:23:00.270 and a half almost four years old and my 0:22:58.410,0:23:02.190 first memory of Canada is waking up in a 0:23:00.270,0:23:04.290 crib at my uncle and aunt’s house and I 0:23:02.190,0:23:06.870 remember my first thought in Canada my 0:23:04.290,0:23:09.780 first waking thought was that I’m too 0:23:06.870,0:23:12.990 big for a crib and I’m too old for this 0:23:09.780,0:23:14.490 and but you know it was so different for 0:23:12.990,0:23:15.930 us than it was for so many of the 0:23:14.490,0:23:18.480 immigrants that came in the 50s and 60s 0:23:15.930,0:23:20.640 and and came with the clothes on their 0:23:18.480,0:23:22.560 back and and very little else you know 0:23:20.640,0:23:26.340 my dad sold his farm in the Netherlands 0:23:22.560,0:23:30.060 and bought a farm here but you know we I 0:23:26.340,0:23:33.960 don’t remember not being Canadian and 0:23:30.060,0:23:35.850 and and and yeah you heard a few things 0:23:33.960,0:23:38.280 and and things like that but it was 0:23:35.850,0:23:39.900 always a sense of you know this is what 0:23:38.280,0:23:42.150 makes this country so incredible is the 0:23:39.900,0:23:45.390 fact that you can be extremely proud of 0:23:42.150,0:23:46.680 where you’ve come from and yet you’re 0:23:45.390,0:23:49.320 even more proud of the fact that you’re 0:23:46.680,0:23:51.600 a Canadian and and the relationship 0:23:49.320,0:23:55.050 between the Netherlands and and Canada 0:23:51.600,0:23:56.460 is extremely special just because the 0:23:55.050,0:23:58.980 Netherlands was liberated by the 0:23:56.460,0:24:01.170 Canadians for the most part in the 0:23:58.980,0:24:03.090 second world war and you know one of I 0:24:01.170,0:24:04.560 think it was my father it may have been 0:24:03.090,0:24:06.360 my grade-school principle but it’s 0:24:04.560,0:24:10.470 because they were the same age but you 0:24:06.360,0:24:12.930 know just the memories of getting to 0:24:10.470,0:24:14.940 ride in a Canadian tank and the fact 0:24:12.930,0:24:15.389 that it was freedom and the Canadians 0:24:14.940,0:24:18.479 brought 0:24:15.389,0:24:21.899 freedom you know my my grandfather on my 0:24:18.479,0:24:24.509 mother’s side you know hid hid Canadian 0:24:21.899,0:24:27.809 pilots who had been downed and you know 0:24:24.509,0:24:29.759 and it wasn’t made much of but just that 0:24:27.809,0:24:31.349 connection that we felt with Canada 0:24:29.759,0:24:37.859 always had a special place in our hearts 0:24:31.349,0:24:39.749 and even just my my my my parents felt 0:24:37.859,0:24:41.999 very strongly about that that respect 0:24:39.749,0:24:43.649 that we would have for soldiers my dad 0:24:41.999,0:24:46.829 did his mandatory two years in the Dutch 0:24:43.649,0:24:50.789 army when he was a kid and but you know 0:24:46.829,0:24:52.289 and I remember once being outside it 0:24:50.789,0:24:53.909 when when I was in the state’s going to 0:24:52.289,0:24:55.499 school getting something at an 0:24:53.909,0:24:59.609 electronics store and I saw the World 0:24:55.499,0:25:01.469 War two veteran emblem on this guy’s 0:24:59.609,0:25:03.539 license plate so as he was walking in as 0:25:01.469,0:25:04.219 a store opened I just said to him thank 0:25:03.539,0:25:06.450 you sir 0:25:04.219,0:25:08.549 and he turned around like you know 0:25:06.450,0:25:10.139 looked at me like I had three heads and 0:25:08.549,0:25:11.399 you know what on earth you talking about 0:25:10.139,0:25:13.769 I said I couldn’t help but notice your 0:25:11.399,0:25:15.959 license plate and I just wanted to thank 0:25:13.769,0:25:18.209 you because of my parents my my 0:25:15.959,0:25:21.209 grandparents were liberated by people 0:25:18.209,0:25:23.519 like you and and that guy burst into 0:25:21.209,0:25:26.459 tears and I remember him saying you know 0:25:23.519,0:25:29.700 it’s been 60 years and no one has ever 0:25:26.459,0:25:31.529 said that to me and and that’s why when 0:25:29.700,0:25:33.749 I got here and I refer get who it was 0:25:31.529,0:25:35.099 but you know that’s how we met actually 0:25:33.749,0:25:36.690 was you know getting and getting 0:25:35.099,0:25:39.299 involved with thanked about luncheon and 0:25:36.690,0:25:41.190 and so that connection between Canada 0:25:39.299,0:25:44.849 United States or Canada and the 0:25:41.190,0:25:46.589 Netherlands is is is very very important 0:25:44.849,0:25:48.269 to me I got to meet the king and queen 0:25:46.589,0:25:49.919 of the Netherlands a few years ago as an 0:25:48.269,0:25:51.629 immigrant you could sign up on Facebook 0:25:49.919,0:25:53.700 and I guess I want to ticket but they 0:25:51.629,0:25:55.200 were here to celebrate the the 70th 0:25:53.700,0:25:57.299 anniversary of the liberation and the 0:25:55.200,0:25:59.159 Netherlands at the time and and they 0:25:57.299,0:26:01.200 still take that very seriously Dutch 0:25:59.159,0:26:04.379 people in in in in the Netherlands 0:26:01.200,0:26:06.119 Revere the the Canadian war graves and 0:26:04.379,0:26:08.099 they take them very carefully take that 0:26:06.119,0:26:09.329 take that very seriously and that’s you 0:26:08.099,0:26:11.129 know if you want to we can talk about 0:26:09.329,0:26:13.019 that too you know 0:26:11.129,0:26:14.690 recently I wrote a letter of support and 0:26:13.019,0:26:18.419 I can’t remember the gentleman’s name 0:26:14.690,0:26:20.009 but there’s a metal that the the Dutch 0:26:18.419,0:26:23.729 government gives and this is a great 0:26:20.009,0:26:26.999 opportunity to talk about to every 0:26:23.729,0:26:29.350 Canadian or their family their veteran 0:26:26.999,0:26:31.720 who fought in the liberation of another 0:26:29.350,0:26:34.570 and and he’s made it his personal goal 0:26:31.720,0:26:36.669 to try to get that medal into the hands 0:26:34.570,0:26:39.309 of every every living or the family 0:26:36.669,0:26:41.440 member of every veteran who served in 0:26:39.309,0:26:42.759 the Netherlands and I just think that’s 0:26:41.440,0:26:44.440 a great opportunity and I was talking 0:26:42.759,0:26:46.990 about it with Phil McComb and yesterday 0:26:44.440,0:26:49.600 and that was his first experience with 0:26:46.990,0:26:51.610 our new Veterans Affairs Ministry and 0:26:49.600,0:26:53.080 and she’s all on board so I’m really 0:26:51.610,0:26:56.649 looking forward to seeing what we can do 0:26:53.080,0:26:58.450 with this to track down these these men 0:26:56.649,0:27:00.820 who are still around and their family 0:26:58.450,0:27:02.379 members to try to to honor them in this 0:27:00.820,0:27:04.600 way and that’s a really big personal 0:27:02.379,0:27:05.980 deal for me mm-hmm well I’m as you say a 0:27:04.600,0:27:07.840 lot of what we do with the luncheon is 0:27:05.980,0:27:11.320 all about that honoring oh yeah you know 0:27:07.840,0:27:13.059 and there’s a lot of layers and emotions 0:27:11.320,0:27:15.250 every year with that luncheon is oh oh 0:27:13.059,0:27:17.350 yeah there’s I never get through the 0:27:15.250,0:27:19.899 think of that luncheon with having tears 0:27:17.350,0:27:21.519 in my eyes at least once yeah it’s it’s 0:27:19.899,0:27:22.899 going back to that rooted thing it’s one 0:27:21.519,0:27:24.970 of those things that reminds you and 0:27:22.899,0:27:25.990 root to you and just kind of resets a 0:27:24.970,0:27:29.049 few things quite easily 0:27:25.990,0:27:31.389 yep no it’s it’s quite nice grew up on 0:27:29.049,0:27:33.429 what a dairy farmer dairy farm so a lot 0:27:31.389,0:27:36.159 of dairy farmers in the Dutch community 0:27:33.429,0:27:38.919 in the area that the case is that just 0:27:36.159,0:27:39.789 an observational no it’s it’s to me it’s 0:27:38.919,0:27:43.299 just in my blood 0:27:39.789,0:27:46.629 mm-hm and but a lot of people came from 0:27:43.299,0:27:48.909 farming backgrounds and and and settled 0:27:46.629,0:27:50.320 down here and a lot of the more recent 0:27:48.909,0:27:52.210 immigrants you know they they saw 0:27:50.320,0:27:53.620 opportunities here in the in the dairy 0:27:52.210,0:27:55.179 industry but there’s a lot of other 0:27:53.620,0:27:57.039 Dutch immigrants who are never connected 0:27:55.179,0:28:01.389 to farming and all hmm 0:27:57.039,0:28:03.129 but you know it seems that Holsteins we 0:28:01.389,0:28:05.019 call them Holstein Friesian hmm 0:28:03.129,0:28:07.000 are in our blood and the Holstein 0:28:05.019,0:28:08.950 Association is right here in town yeah 0:28:07.000,0:28:11.350 and I know people that work there and 0:28:08.950,0:28:14.769 but that connection with with the land 0:28:11.350,0:28:16.090 with the agriculture that way you know 0:28:14.769,0:28:19.110 my younger brothers still on the farm 0:28:16.090,0:28:22.960 he’s building a new barn right now and 0:28:19.110,0:28:24.789 yeah and yeah it seems to be and are and 0:28:22.960,0:28:26.529 definitely in my family’s blood I think 0:28:24.789,0:28:30.460 we’ve someone’s done the historiography 0:28:26.529,0:28:34.720 and and on both sides you know my my 0:28:30.460,0:28:36.879 family were people of the land as in for 0:28:34.720,0:28:38.649 it since time immemorial that’s Ava Hill 0:28:36.879,0:28:40.779 would say and and when you’re dealing 0:28:38.649,0:28:42.580 with you know let’s say Six Nations and 0:28:40.779,0:28:44.050 you credit obviously that that’s a 0:28:42.580,0:28:45.490 and point and you know they added that 0:28:44.050,0:28:46.930 connection to the land how does that 0:28:45.490,0:28:49.750 play out well what’s really interesting 0:28:46.930,0:28:52.090 is that the first people the first 0:28:49.750,0:28:54.970 Europeans who met the Six Nations the 0:28:52.090,0:28:56.860 Mohawks were Dutch people they in what 0:28:54.970,0:28:59.290 is now New York and New Amsterdam and 0:28:56.860,0:29:02.770 that’s actually where the idea of the 0:28:59.290,0:29:04.720 the two row wampum came from and and 0:29:02.770,0:29:06.850 what’s interesting is is going through 0:29:04.720,0:29:08.920 this learning process over the last 0:29:06.850,0:29:10.600 eight months and learning those 0:29:08.920,0:29:12.370 connections because I never you know I 0:29:10.600,0:29:14.110 never had that before I never really 0:29:12.370,0:29:15.790 delved into that I was I was honestly 0:29:14.110,0:29:18.400 too busy with other things but now I 0:29:15.790,0:29:20.590 represent people there and I want to see 0:29:18.400,0:29:23.410 that connection and I learn a lot better 0:29:20.590,0:29:26.410 in pictures than I do with words 0:29:23.410,0:29:29.770 honestly and and the stories and when I 0:29:26.410,0:29:33.000 I almost failed Anatomy but when I took 0:29:29.770,0:29:35.500 physiology it all made sense because 0:29:33.000,0:29:37.060 physiology is this story of that 0:29:35.500,0:29:40.360 connects the anatomy and how it all 0:29:37.060,0:29:44.200 functions together and you know just at 0:29:40.360,0:29:46.150 Six Nations Polytechnic I did a 0:29:44.200,0:29:48.280 beautiful job on some murals there oh 0:29:46.150,0:29:51.700 the new murals yeah and they they tell 0:29:48.280,0:29:54.420 the story pictorially of of the story of 0:29:51.700,0:29:58.870 European people and the connection with 0:29:54.420,0:30:00.670 with the indigenous people and and that 0:29:58.870,0:30:03.190 idea and that’s why I love the river 0:30:00.670,0:30:07.180 mm-hmm because the idea of two groups of 0:30:03.190,0:30:09.580 people coming together and moving in the 0:30:07.180,0:30:13.060 same direction in perpetuity you know 0:30:09.580,0:30:14.440 and and he does it so well and in there 0:30:13.060,0:30:17.830 because then all sudden you hit a spot 0:30:14.440,0:30:19.960 where the belt is broken mm-hmm and the 0:30:17.830,0:30:21.880 beads are spilled and what I was so 0:30:19.960,0:30:24.310 excited about being at the Muslim 0:30:21.880,0:30:26.770 Association for their awards ceremony I 0:30:24.310,0:30:28.630 think it was last Saturday was that fact 0:30:26.770,0:30:30.130 and that’s what I said there too was 0:30:28.630,0:30:32.440 that here you have another group of 0:30:30.130,0:30:34.120 people another nation mmm coming 0:30:32.440,0:30:35.980 together and the work that’s being done 0:30:34.120,0:30:36.570 there is to stitch the belt back 0:30:35.980,0:30:38.920 together 0:30:36.570,0:30:42.100 mmm-hmm so that we can move forward in 0:30:38.920,0:30:42.940 that and and and that’s on I believe Ava 0:30:42.100,0:30:46.000 was there as well 0:30:42.940,0:30:47.770 oh yeah yes Ava was there and someone 0:30:46.000,0:30:52.690 from Six Nations was honored for their 0:30:47.770,0:30:54.640 work at at the the the Institute at the 0:30:52.690,0:30:56.230 woodland Cultural Center you know and 0:30:54.640,0:30:58.809 and if anyone hasn’t done 0:30:56.230,0:31:00.669 you have to go see Carly Mike and the 0:30:58.809,0:31:03.309 staff at the woodland cultural center 0:31:00.669,0:31:06.639 and and spend do the three or four hours 0:31:03.309,0:31:09.399 or like I did because it’ll it’ll it’ll 0:31:06.639,0:31:12.809 change your your life honestly and and 0:31:09.399,0:31:16.809 so being connected to the land that way 0:31:12.809,0:31:20.320 it it gets me at a very deep deep level 0:31:16.809,0:31:22.059 and and and so it’s really opened my 0:31:20.320,0:31:24.250 mind up to a lot of different thoughts 0:31:22.059,0:31:26.289 that I never had before and I’m really 0:31:24.250,0:31:28.090 appreciating that part of this you know 0:31:26.289,0:31:29.470 there’s you know as you say that the 0:31:28.090,0:31:31.000 connection to the land there’s a certain 0:31:29.470,0:31:32.500 work ethics obviously that comes out of 0:31:31.000,0:31:35.950 farming as well I’ve never I’ve never 0:31:32.500,0:31:39.070 met I’ll be very generic here I’ve never 0:31:35.950,0:31:42.669 met a lazy Dutch farmer maybe that’s why 0:31:39.070,0:31:44.740 I’m not a farmer yeah but you are an 0:31:42.669,0:31:46.269 optometrist so so that that is an action 0:31:44.740,0:31:47.620 in this Segway right there yeah you 0:31:46.269,0:31:50.080 always have some of the nicest eyewear 0:31:47.620,0:31:51.429 thank you my wife picks those out yeah 0:31:50.080,0:31:53.919 and because I just have to look through 0:31:51.429,0:31:57.100 them but so when I was in high school 0:31:53.919,0:31:58.960 then and and you know my brother said go 0:31:57.100,0:32:00.730 to university and and I wanted to do 0:31:58.960,0:32:04.840 something medical and I remember the 0:32:00.730,0:32:06.340 feeling and if you do you remember the 0:32:04.840,0:32:08.110 feeling putting on a pair of glasses for 0:32:06.340,0:32:10.090 the first on it and being able to see 0:32:08.110,0:32:12.279 yeah I remember driving home with my dad 0:32:10.090,0:32:13.389 great six by the way okay I think I was 0:32:12.279,0:32:16.480 a bit younger because I’ve been 0:32:13.389,0:32:19.570 complaining for a while and and just 0:32:16.480,0:32:20.500 saying dad all the leaves on the trees 0:32:19.570,0:32:22.690 and the grass 0:32:20.500,0:32:24.250 it all has blades on it and it hadn’t 0:32:22.690,0:32:27.100 been just a blur for a while I don’t 0:32:24.250,0:32:28.570 remember how long and so when I was 0:32:27.100,0:32:30.100 contemplating what I wanted to do for a 0:32:28.570,0:32:31.360 living if I was going to be a medical 0:32:30.100,0:32:33.850 professional I thought to be able to 0:32:31.360,0:32:38.909 give that gift to other people and you 0:32:33.850,0:32:41.049 know for me the most the most to – most 0:32:38.909,0:32:43.210 greatest moments ever was when I was 0:32:41.049,0:32:44.860 training in Michigan and I was at the 0:32:43.210,0:32:47.200 Saginaw Valley special needs vision 0:32:44.860,0:32:49.539 Institute and there’s a little girl and 0:32:47.200,0:32:51.850 and she’s very young and a little bit 0:32:49.539,0:32:53.559 developmentally delayed and she’d been 0:32:51.850,0:32:55.000 seeing six months previously by someone 0:32:53.559,0:32:57.730 else and you know kids wiggle and stuff 0:32:55.000,0:32:59.080 so it wasn’t anything there but I also 0:32:57.730,0:33:01.960 and I picked up that this girl was 0:32:59.080,0:33:04.029 extremely nearsighted and which means 0:33:01.960,0:33:05.440 that you just don’t see far away mm-hmm 0:33:04.029,0:33:06.760 and she was nearsighted enough she 0:33:05.440,0:33:08.120 probably couldn’t see well past the end 0:33:06.760,0:33:12.770 of her nose 0:33:08.120,0:33:14.539 and so so dr. Kowalski put to put some 0:33:12.770,0:33:16.940 lenses in these and these little baby 0:33:14.539,0:33:18.140 trial frames and it looked extremely 0:33:16.940,0:33:19.580 cute and it was interesting cuz she was 0:33:18.140,0:33:22.909 playing with something close to her face 0:33:19.580,0:33:24.919 and we put those we put those glasses on 0:33:22.909,0:33:26.510 her and she dropped what she was doing 0:33:24.919,0:33:28.250 because she saw everything else I just 0:33:26.510,0:33:31.179 looked around the room yeah and I’m like 0:33:28.250,0:33:33.559 yes like this is what I’m here for and 0:33:31.179,0:33:36.169 the other time was on a mission trip 0:33:33.559,0:33:37.940 when I was in an optometry school and I 0:33:36.169,0:33:39.500 went to a little island called Dominica 0:33:37.940,0:33:40.850 which is beautiful by the way in the 0:33:39.500,0:33:44.570 Caribbean it’s not the Dominican 0:33:40.850,0:33:47.299 Republic it’s Dominica and we called her 0:33:44.570,0:33:50.029 Matilda minus 22 because this lady had 0:33:47.299,0:33:52.340 lost her glasses years before and was 0:33:50.029,0:33:53.840 effectively blind and minus 22 like that 0:33:52.340,0:33:55.070 it really is like she couldn’t even see 0:33:53.840,0:33:57.440 the end of her nose Wow 0:33:55.070,0:33:58.610 it was that close and we actually had a 0:33:57.440,0:34:01.909 pair of glasses close to her 0:33:58.610,0:34:03.970 prescription and you know 75 80 year-old 0:34:01.909,0:34:06.470 lady and we put those glasses on her and 0:34:03.970,0:34:11.179 the feeling of her being able to see the 0:34:06.470,0:34:13.099 world again somewhat clearly you just 0:34:11.179,0:34:14.690 you know you ever have that sense like 0:34:13.099,0:34:16.429 I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to 0:34:14.690,0:34:17.899 be doing exactly when I’m supposed to be 0:34:16.429,0:34:21.260 doing it and that was one of those 0:34:17.899,0:34:24.740 moments and and and and that’s you know 0:34:21.260,0:34:25.879 I we do little miracles every day mhm 0:34:24.740,0:34:28.429 you know with a little bit of plastic 0:34:25.879,0:34:30.800 and and some lenses and some frames a 0:34:28.429,0:34:32.510 little bit of metal and and and you 0:34:30.800,0:34:35.810 improve people’s lives on a daily basis 0:34:32.510,0:34:39.290 for for the better part of the last five 0:34:35.810,0:34:41.750 years like these are the the 0:34:39.290,0:34:43.970 progressives yeah that the end this one 0:34:41.750,0:34:46.040 there this was an investment to say the 0:34:43.970,0:34:49.450 least this is a 10-year investment in my 0:34:46.040,0:34:52.250 career I was hampered work-wise yeah 0:34:49.450,0:34:53.570 because I would literally in here an 0:34:52.250,0:34:55.429 optometrist you’re gonna hate hearing 0:34:53.570,0:34:57.830 this but whatever I would put reading 0:34:55.429,0:34:59.839 glasses over my normal glass yes okay I 0:34:57.830,0:35:02.599 was making my own bifocals basically 0:34:59.839,0:35:04.460 right and it was getting horrible but 0:35:02.599,0:35:07.790 more importantly a few years back I 0:35:04.460,0:35:10.760 started shifting what I worked on yeah 0:35:07.790,0:35:13.910 so I opted to remove my glasses entirely 0:35:10.760,0:35:16.339 and I lived with the blur yeah which was 0:35:13.910,0:35:17.570 I felt that my eyes all of a sudden were 0:35:16.339,0:35:19.490 not stressing because I was obviously 0:35:17.570,0:35:21.590 trying to compensate for yeah a lot of 0:35:19.490,0:35:23.660 things as I was not as tired and 0:35:21.590,0:35:25.340 but then all of a sudden I started doing 0:35:23.660,0:35:26.930 things that required me to be really 0:35:25.340,0:35:29.270 close very much that nearsighted 0:35:26.930,0:35:31.460 kneeling right working on the car where 0:35:29.270,0:35:33.200 you’re literally inches away from the 0:35:31.460,0:35:36.380 bolt and you can see it I can see the 0:35:33.200,0:35:37.610 detail I can see and I’m I’m there like 0:35:36.380,0:35:38.840 just like this Mike you know right I 0:35:37.610,0:35:42.020 mean it’s that same type of feeling 0:35:38.840,0:35:46.400 you’re you’re that close and when I got 0:35:42.020,0:35:48.200 these progressives like my I won’t lie 0:35:46.400,0:35:50.000 that the last year since I got this 0:35:48.200,0:35:52.400 progressive has had a financial impact 0:35:50.000,0:35:54.110 on my life yeah positively yeah because 0:35:52.400,0:35:55.730 of the amount of stuff that I can do 0:35:54.110,0:35:57.980 because of that vision I’ve always been 0:35:55.730,0:36:00.290 fearful because like what do you of your 0:35:57.980,0:36:01.550 senses what would you lose if you had to 0:36:00.290,0:36:04.130 you know if you had to lose something 0:36:01.550,0:36:07.370 you know the old thing like for me audio 0:36:04.130,0:36:09.200 is important clearly yeah but I would be 0:36:07.370,0:36:11.330 incapable of doing what I do 0:36:09.200,0:36:13.220 professionally without vision right you 0:36:11.330,0:36:15.400 know what I mean and I know that because 0:36:13.220,0:36:18.020 the last few years I was hampered by 0:36:15.400,0:36:20.390 really like the script was a 10 year old 0:36:18.020,0:36:23.300 script so you know you can imagine a 40 0:36:20.390,0:36:26.690 to 50 year old change and I where yeah 0:36:23.300,0:36:30.770 okay you’ve been there I’m there exactly 0:36:26.690,0:36:32.540 yeah and it shifted my mentality to – 0:36:30.770,0:36:34.460 I’m gonna live in the moment if you will 0:36:32.540,0:36:36.200 and I did it visually if you will yeah 0:36:34.460,0:36:37.940 but I took that at a more of a higher 0:36:36.200,0:36:40.250 level and it was some of the best years 0:36:37.940,0:36:42.560 yeah of not wearing glasses having 0:36:40.250,0:36:45.110 warned and I can’t do contacts anymore I 0:36:42.560,0:36:47.570 tried to no gain I can’t do them it’s 0:36:45.110,0:36:49.610 just I used to wear those like my kids 0:36:47.570,0:36:51.170 you know 20 hours a day like when I was 0:36:49.610,0:36:54.770 doing the heavy programming and a heavy 0:36:51.170,0:36:57.320 those were in the eyes all the time yeah 0:36:54.770,0:37:00.230 you know well I you know if I could do a 0:36:57.320,0:37:01.910 quick optometry plug you know our our 0:37:00.230,0:37:03.470 skin changes I look in the mirror now 0:37:01.910,0:37:04.550 and I turned my face sideways and 0:37:03.470,0:37:07.160 everything’s kind of hanging a little 0:37:04.550,0:37:11.240 bit different than it used to and and so 0:37:07.160,0:37:13.130 you know many people you know you even 0:37:11.240,0:37:14.570 you even hinted at it they they feel a 0:37:13.130,0:37:16.010 little guilty because they abuse their 0:37:14.570,0:37:17.270 eyes with these contact lenses and they 0:37:16.010,0:37:18.800 were younger now they can’t wear them 0:37:17.270,0:37:20.750 and I I throw that out the window I said 0:37:18.800,0:37:23.300 you know what our skin changes our 0:37:20.750,0:37:26.450 physiology changes as we as we get older 0:37:23.300,0:37:28.130 and it makes it tougher to do those 0:37:26.450,0:37:30.710 things so the reason you could wear them 0:37:28.130,0:37:32.270 20 hours a day was because the reason 0:37:30.710,0:37:33.830 you did wear them 20 hours a day is 0:37:32.270,0:37:35.880 because you could wear them 20 years a 0:37:33.830,0:37:37.380 day and trust me because if you 0:37:35.880,0:37:40.680 we would’ve let you know the next time 0:37:37.380,0:37:42.360 you came in and and but it’s it’s not 0:37:40.680,0:37:44.040 even about that so much it’s about just 0:37:42.360,0:37:46.050 finding the right solution for people 0:37:44.040,0:37:47.340 because you know some people get by 0:37:46.050,0:37:49.830 great with over-the-counter reading 0:37:47.340,0:37:51.270 glasses yeah and that’s fantastic you 0:37:49.830,0:37:53.370 know I’m so glad that those options are 0:37:51.270,0:37:54.570 there for people I refer people who have 0:37:53.370,0:37:56.010 great distance vision and they’re 0:37:54.570,0:37:59.880 struggling up close and working in 0:37:56.010,0:38:01.380 industry you know you can go to some of 0:37:59.880,0:38:03.180 the stores in town and even pick up 0:38:01.380,0:38:04.410 safety glasses and have a little bifocal 0:38:03.180,0:38:06.120 peace in them and they’re ready to go 0:38:04.410,0:38:08.130 but when you have a prescription that 0:38:06.120,0:38:09.390 has to be custom-made you know then it 0:38:08.130,0:38:11.070 becomes a job of you know what’s the 0:38:09.390,0:38:13.620 best option for people some people go 0:38:11.070,0:38:15.630 there some people go there and buy the 0:38:13.620,0:38:17.310 the treatment of management of those 0:38:15.630,0:38:20.010 things and and just giving people 0:38:17.310,0:38:22.380 options and letting them decide is is 0:38:20.010,0:38:24.420 very gratifying and then but also 0:38:22.380,0:38:27.860 accessibility like you said to do to do 0:38:24.420,0:38:30.570 a good job in a higher prescription and 0:38:27.860,0:38:32.280 and then if you get transitions so they 0:38:30.570,0:38:36.360 Auto darken and things like that outside 0:38:32.280,0:38:38.550 you know that’s you know $1,500 pair of 0:38:36.360,0:38:41.070 glasses these are about 15 you know and 0:38:38.550,0:38:42.690 and so to to be able to do that well I 0:38:41.070,0:38:44.880 think but then to give people options 0:38:42.690,0:38:47.820 I’m glad we have a lot of stuff going on 0:38:44.880,0:38:49.980 you know I’m not a big online guy and 0:38:47.820,0:38:51.180 because I think it’s too difficult to 0:38:49.980,0:38:53.400 get a lot of those measurements right 0:38:51.180,0:38:54.900 yeah and yet you know I’ve said to 0:38:53.400,0:38:57.090 people too you think that when I go on a 0:38:54.900,0:38:59.130 mission trip and I’ve done two and I 0:38:57.090,0:39:00.120 hand someone a pair of glasses that 0:38:59.130,0:39:01.500 we’ve brought with us 0:39:00.120,0:39:03.780 you think those measurements are right 0:39:01.500,0:39:06.480 and so it depends on where you’re at and 0:39:03.780,0:39:09.150 what your needs are and you know but an 0:39:06.480,0:39:11.520 incremental change could be life’s life 0:39:09.150,0:39:12.840 changed oh absolutely don’t need a to 0:39:11.520,0:39:16.110 your point about reading glasses you get 0:39:12.840,0:39:17.580 a little 2.0 or 1.5 or what at and you 0:39:16.110,0:39:19.620 know you’re turning 40 and I’ve seen 0:39:17.580,0:39:21.180 this a real estate guy you know yeah the 0:39:19.620,0:39:22.320 guy forgot his reading glasses he picked 0:39:21.180,0:39:24.600 them up it’s like oh my god I can 0:39:22.320,0:39:26.100 actually see this that’s like yeah 0:39:24.600,0:39:28.500 you’re at that age I’m sorry 0:39:26.100,0:39:30.000 yes yeah and it’s not it’s not because 0:39:28.500,0:39:31.320 you’re getting old mmm that’s actually 0:39:30.000,0:39:33.690 just a growth pattern in the eye 0:39:31.320,0:39:35.730 hmm that the lens gets a little bit 0:39:33.690,0:39:37.230 bigger and the muscles that are attached 0:39:35.730,0:39:39.510 to it just can’t act on it in the same 0:39:37.230,0:39:41.010 way anymore yeah it sure is associated 0:39:39.510,0:39:43.890 with aging that’s free well I’ve also 0:39:41.010,0:39:45.150 like my right eye is maybe 20% of my 0:39:43.890,0:39:46.830 vision like I’m looking at you pretty 0:39:45.150,0:39:49.020 much with my left eye the entire time 0:39:46.830,0:39:49.829 it’s like lazy along for the ride time 0:39:49.020,0:39:52.410 yeah 0:39:49.829,0:39:53.640 so none of the lasik stuff can be you 0:39:52.410,0:39:56.010 know that they wouldn’t touch it just 0:39:53.640,0:39:58.020 because I lose you know potentially my 0:39:56.010,0:39:59.910 site if I had something that’s you know 0:39:58.020,0:40:01.890 and now if you fixed your distance yeah 0:39:59.910,0:40:03.809 what would you do for reading yeah well 0:40:01.890,0:40:05.190 I see that’s the thing I actually going 0:40:03.809,0:40:09.510 back to know we’re spending way too much 0:40:05.190,0:40:11.730 time on this but I gotta say that that 0:40:09.510,0:40:13.920 that philosophy of being in the moment 0:40:11.730,0:40:16.680 up close without the glass yeah well not 0:40:13.920,0:40:18.599 was a whole package yeah but like I said 0:40:16.680,0:40:20.490 the stuff I’m doing right now god bless 0:40:18.599,0:40:21.000 these glasses yeah I wouldn’t be able to 0:40:20.490,0:40:22.859 do it right now 0:40:21.000,0:40:26.220 well and when you think about it and and 0:40:22.859,0:40:27.990 the Imam will remind me of that on a 0:40:26.220,0:40:32.309 regular basis but you know lenses were 0:40:27.990,0:40:34.950 invented by by Al Hasan and and he was 0:40:32.309,0:40:36.869 Muslim and and and just the fact that I 0:40:34.950,0:40:38.869 I can in that connection between 0:40:36.869,0:40:42.299 people’s that way about the idea of 0:40:38.869,0:40:44.279 grinding a piece of melted sand into 0:40:42.299,0:40:45.839 something you could see through and then 0:40:44.279,0:40:49.230 finding out that it had a prescription 0:40:45.839,0:40:51.599 and and and magnifying the magnifying 0:40:49.230,0:40:53.579 effect you know the the gifts that we’ve 0:40:51.599,0:40:55.170 been given and today to the point you 0:40:53.579,0:40:57.180 know and then I guess the other question 0:40:55.170,0:40:59.369 is what’s it worth to you to be able to 0:40:57.180,0:41:01.980 see like that I I can literally put a 0:40:59.369,0:41:05.220 financial backer on it I’ve got the math 0:41:01.980,0:41:06.569 in the last year so but no you know and 0:41:05.220,0:41:09.470 and I still get really passionate about 0:41:06.569,0:41:13.049 that I love I love seeing my patients 0:41:09.470,0:41:14.819 now you’re doing Friday Friday mornings 0:41:13.049,0:41:15.990 because you’re doing the office I have a 0:41:14.819,0:41:18.029 new constituents who work in the 0:41:15.990,0:41:19.799 afternoon but just so everyone knows 0:41:18.029,0:41:24.029 who’s listening I got to keep my license 0:41:19.799,0:41:26.970 up so I’m doing I try to do 3-4 hours on 0:41:24.029,0:41:28.559 a Friday morning and then when I you 0:41:26.970,0:41:30.329 know if one of my associates is away 0:41:28.559,0:41:32.250 from the practice I think Monday I’m 0:41:30.329,0:41:34.410 working a few hours and because I 0:41:32.250,0:41:36.510 actually need 750 hours over a 0:41:34.410,0:41:39.839 three-year period or averaging out to 0:41:36.510,0:41:42.270 250 hours a year of a direct clinical 0:41:39.839,0:41:44.430 patient contact in order to maintain my 0:41:42.270,0:41:45.809 license and and the only thing that 0:41:44.430,0:41:47.880 might monkey that up although I’m not 0:41:45.809,0:41:50.819 too worried about that is that if you’re 0:41:47.880,0:41:53.069 actually in in cabinet you can’t earn 0:41:50.819,0:41:54.410 money anywhere else yeah and so then I 0:41:53.069,0:41:57.180 would have to do it for free which is 0:41:54.410,0:41:59.640 well you know do you still get your 0:41:57.180,0:42:00.630 hours if you’re doing it at pro bono you 0:41:59.640,0:42:02.849 still you still would get your hours 0:42:00.630,0:42:03.450 okay but you know I’m still working on 0:42:02.849,0:42:05.099 that but I 0:42:03.450,0:42:08.490 I have a vision of doing something 0:42:05.099,0:42:12.150 vision but I have an idea of being able 0:42:08.490,0:42:14.069 to do something in Bradford pro bono and 0:42:12.150,0:42:15.690 so we’re trying to have run through that 0:42:14.069,0:42:18.240 and run that through all the people that 0:42:15.690,0:42:19.589 need to put their approval on that it 0:42:18.240,0:42:20.790 all comes together doesn’t it well 0:42:19.589,0:42:24.000 there’s still a lot of people that fall 0:42:20.790,0:42:25.349 between the cracks and I’ve met them you 0:42:24.000,0:42:26.640 know I’ve helped some of them I won’t 0:42:25.349,0:42:27.510 get into the stories because I’m not 0:42:26.640,0:42:29.280 here to do that today 0:42:27.510,0:42:31.380 but there’s you know there’s a lot of 0:42:29.280,0:42:32.250 people who you know we think that when 0:42:31.380,0:42:33.960 someone’s on social assistance 0:42:32.250,0:42:36.420 everything’s taken care of but you know 0:42:33.960,0:42:37.740 when when you turn 65 if you’re on 0:42:36.420,0:42:40.859 Ontario Works or ODSP 0:42:37.740,0:42:42.900 those benefits disappear and you’re 0:42:40.859,0:42:44.460 still trying to make ends meet off of 0:42:42.900,0:42:45.599 those things at the hardest time of your 0:42:44.460,0:42:47.040 life at the hardest time of your life 0:42:45.599,0:42:48.450 when you’re when you don’t have the 0:42:47.040,0:42:51.000 option of being able to do anything else 0:42:48.450,0:42:54.089 anymore and I’ve met other people too 0:42:51.000,0:42:56.549 who have too much you know you can call 0:42:54.089,0:42:58.380 a misplaced self-respect that they they 0:42:56.549,0:43:00.869 just put up with things and and like 0:42:58.380,0:43:02.460 when you consider the impact that having 0:43:00.869,0:43:04.109 a proper prescription that allows you to 0:43:02.460,0:43:06.059 see a distance and up close is made in 0:43:04.109,0:43:07.710 your life there’s a lot of people 0:43:06.059,0:43:10.980 walking around out there that just make 0:43:07.710,0:43:12.780 do yeah or that just live with a whole 0:43:10.980,0:43:14.220 lot of blur and frustration and 0:43:12.780,0:43:18.390 headaches that keeps them out of being 0:43:14.220,0:43:20.069 productive at work you know at home with 0:43:18.390,0:43:22.440 her families being able to enjoy the 0:43:20.069,0:43:24.359 things that they do and I really see a 0:43:22.440,0:43:25.829 need there so I’m hoping I can get the 0:43:24.359,0:43:27.750 integrity commissioner to sign off and 0:43:25.829,0:43:29.760 what I want to do and then there’ll be 0:43:27.750,0:43:31.140 there’ll be more estate to never I 0:43:29.760,0:43:32.730 shouldn’t be talking about that yeah but 0:43:31.140,0:43:39.299 it’s we’re just there right crickets you 0:43:32.730,0:43:42.000 know but let me just maybe wrap it up on 0:43:39.299,0:43:45.119 one one global topic because you’re a 0:43:42.000,0:43:46.740 family man yeah and something that both 0:43:45.119,0:43:48.960 Dave and Walter and a lot of other 0:43:46.740,0:43:51.420 people a great place to bring up a 0:43:48.960,0:43:54.750 family in the area right tell me about 0:43:51.420,0:43:56.160 Bradford Brant from your you know family 0:43:54.750,0:43:57.839 experience and you know this is the 0:43:56.160,0:43:59.250 tourism plug for the lack of better term 0:43:57.839,0:44:00.960 tell me about Bradford from your eyes 0:43:59.250,0:44:03.420 well you know you know what I say Brad 0:44:00.960,0:44:05.700 absolutely we are the the hub of Ontario 0:44:03.420,0:44:09.260 trails actually every major trails come 0:44:05.700,0:44:11.640 comes through here you can go north to 0:44:09.260,0:44:13.470 Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo on trails 0:44:11.640,0:44:15.270 that are here you can go south to the 0:44:13.470,0:44:16.530 lake you go south a little bit and you 0:44:15.270,0:44:19.290 can go west 0:44:16.530,0:44:21.440 here and you can go to Hamilton so I’ve 0:44:19.290,0:44:24.210 always been very passionate about that 0:44:21.440,0:44:25.740 and which is why I got on the Brant 0:44:24.210,0:44:28.290 waterways foundation to connect people 0:44:25.740,0:44:31.590 I’ve been working with not so much 0:44:28.290,0:44:33.270 lately but the idea the concept of again 0:44:31.590,0:44:35.760 and it for me it’s the big picture of 0:44:33.270,0:44:39.420 being able to connect to the river and 0:44:35.760,0:44:44.760 that flowing together but imagine being 0:44:39.420,0:44:47.160 able to hike bike walk kayak canoe from 0:44:44.760,0:44:50.220 the headwaters to the mouth and there’s 0:44:47.160,0:44:54.690 a there’s a group I think they’re called 0:44:50.220,0:44:56.760 the Grand River Grand trail network and 0:44:54.690,0:44:58.170 we called it at one time but to be able 0:44:56.760,0:45:00.420 to connect all those things through all 0:44:58.170,0:45:03.020 those municipalities from from all the 0:45:00.420,0:45:05.370 way through and there’s a significant 0:45:03.020,0:45:07.530 tourism aspect of that too you ask some 0:45:05.370,0:45:10.260 people in certain places that are tired 0:45:07.530,0:45:11.640 of that and yet I know when my time on 0:45:10.260,0:45:14.370 County Council to make those connections 0:45:11.640,0:45:16.350 because it’s such a huge driver there 0:45:14.370,0:45:18.090 are people that come here that use some 0:45:16.350,0:45:20.580 of the hotels and you know they do 0:45:18.090,0:45:22.770 biking trips at the right time of the 0:45:20.580,0:45:24.300 year taking advantage of that but then 0:45:22.770,0:45:25.980 we have so many other things you know 0:45:24.300,0:45:27.360 there’s a there’s definitely a truth to 0:45:25.980,0:45:28.800 if you build it they will come and we 0:45:27.360,0:45:32.280 have the Wayne Gretzky Center we have 0:45:28.800,0:45:34.380 the twin pad and in in Paris and and the 0:45:32.280,0:45:36.060 ability to enjoy those things I think 0:45:34.380,0:45:39.720 those things are really really important 0:45:36.060,0:45:41.640 I think when people when an executive 0:45:39.720,0:45:43.440 makes the decision about what he wants 0:45:41.640,0:45:45.420 to do or she wants to do with her 0:45:43.440,0:45:47.040 business I think they think about those 0:45:45.420,0:45:49.470 things like where’s my kid gonna play 0:45:47.040,0:45:52.110 hockey or swim and those things and and 0:45:49.470,0:45:53.610 you know people before me and you have 0:45:52.110,0:45:55.800 done a great job of building a lot of 0:45:53.610,0:45:58.620 that infrastructure and and I think 0:45:55.800,0:46:00.570 those are those are key drivers to to 0:45:58.620,0:46:03.600 growth and to build a great place you 0:46:00.570,0:46:06.330 know and but we we live in an incredible 0:46:03.600,0:46:08.240 community all you have to do is you know 0:46:06.330,0:46:11.250 have a look at the Neth rêveur in Paris 0:46:08.240,0:46:15.540 and in the fall take that walk that 0:46:11.250,0:46:16.950 River loop there Dickson Park which most 0:46:15.540,0:46:19.530 people don’t know about that’s my hidden 0:46:16.950,0:46:20.820 gem by the way where I like to go just 0:46:19.530,0:46:26.790 through Glenn Morris a little bit 0:46:20.820,0:46:31.070 further west on on that road across past 0:46:26.790,0:46:31.070 Pinehurst conservation there Pinehurst 0:46:31.790,0:46:36.830 the Brandt conservation in the area and 0:46:33.920,0:46:40.220 that connection to all those things apps 0:46:36.830,0:46:41.660 mills and and just all the trails and 0:46:40.220,0:46:45.080 everything else all of the great people 0:46:41.660,0:46:46.820 that do all of the the the Outfitters 0:46:45.080,0:46:48.200 that do that kayaking and canoeing and 0:46:46.820,0:46:50.960 you know there’s some friction there 0:46:48.200,0:46:54.560 sometimes but there’s there’s very very 0:46:50.960,0:46:56.780 few places around that to have those 0:46:54.560,0:46:59.720 connections that have that ability to 0:46:56.780,0:47:02.450 enjoy those things my son fishing at the 0:46:59.720,0:47:04.730 dam in Paris and and you know just think 0:47:02.450,0:47:07.220 about it the fact that 30 40 years ago 0:47:04.730,0:47:09.830 people took this problem in hand and 0:47:07.220,0:47:11.869 because the Grand River was from what I 0:47:09.830,0:47:15.230 understand from people essentially dead 0:47:11.869,0:47:17.330 mm-hmm and and he can catch there’s a 0:47:15.230,0:47:19.849 lot of stuff that’s being flushed yeah 0:47:17.330,0:47:22.220 and I River from upstream yeah you know 0:47:19.849,0:47:24.490 you know challenges that we have I still 0:47:22.220,0:47:26.540 we need to start looking at different 0:47:24.490,0:47:30.140 technologies for how to deal with our 0:47:26.540,0:47:33.380 sewage and I we definitely have to 0:47:30.140,0:47:36.830 embrace low-impact development you know 0:47:33.380,0:47:39.320 I my dream of building a new subdivision 0:47:36.830,0:47:41.450 for new people to live here to enjoy 0:47:39.320,0:47:45.890 what we have but to be able to build 0:47:41.450,0:47:49.760 those places that ecologically that 0:47:45.890,0:47:52.460 subdivision fade functions the same way 0:47:49.760,0:47:56.060 as the woodlot that was there 500 years 0:47:52.460,0:47:59.540 ago and and those things really mean a 0:47:56.060,0:48:01.910 lot to me because you know and again not 0:47:59.540,0:48:04.160 politically but you know leave things 0:48:01.910,0:48:05.510 better than you found them always and 0:48:04.160,0:48:08.000 treat other people the way that you’d 0:48:05.510,0:48:09.830 want to be treated and and then taking 0:48:08.000,0:48:11.030 that long view you know I love some of 0:48:09.830,0:48:12.710 the cultures that have encountered 0:48:11.030,0:48:14.930 because they they really think about 0:48:12.710,0:48:16.880 those things they don’t they’re not so 0:48:14.930,0:48:19.369 much in the moment you know what I love 0:48:16.880,0:48:22.760 about the the my my Sikh friends is that 0:48:19.369,0:48:25.430 you know their place of worship you know 0:48:22.760,0:48:27.589 we’re now like you know when we when we 0:48:25.430,0:48:30.230 built our new church in st. George as 0:48:27.589,0:48:33.050 Dutch Reformed people we wanted it done 0:48:30.230,0:48:34.550 in six months mmm-hmm but there’s other 0:48:33.050,0:48:36.920 cultures that when they build their 0:48:34.550,0:48:39.770 house of worship it’s okay if it takes 0:48:36.920,0:48:42.070 200 years mm-hmm because they see it as 0:48:39.770,0:48:44.350 much longer than just in this moment 0:48:42.070,0:48:45.880 I really really appreciate a lot of 0:48:44.350,0:48:48.670 those things that I’ve had the 0:48:45.880,0:48:50.620 opportunity to be exposed to and and so 0:48:48.670,0:48:52.690 being able to take that long view about 0:48:50.620,0:48:54.130 you know not just where we are right now 0:48:52.690,0:48:56.200 you know I love the connections with 0:48:54.130,0:48:57.850 some of the farms I have a friend Brian 0:48:56.200,0:49:00.040 Coleman who’s on County Council who’s 0:48:57.850,0:49:03.100 whose farm has been in their family it’s 0:49:00.040,0:49:05.590 older than Canada hmm and when someone 0:49:03.100,0:49:09.460 else was trying to build a pig barn in 0:49:05.590,0:49:10.810 in Glen Morris it’s there now and and I 0:49:09.460,0:49:13.480 said so how long has your family been on 0:49:10.810,0:49:16.630 the on the land well I don’t know 1870s 0:49:13.480,0:49:19.420 or 1880s and those connections then 0:49:16.630,0:49:21.490 across generally cross generationally 0:49:19.420,0:49:23.980 and I even find that walking around in 0:49:21.490,0:49:26.020 in in Toronto I think it’s so neat that 0:49:23.980,0:49:27.460 people have taken the time and the 0:49:26.020,0:49:30.040 expense to post some things you know 0:49:27.460,0:49:31.270 this is the area where the Mississauga’s 0:49:30.040,0:49:33.340 were mm-hmm 0:49:31.270,0:49:35.110 the traditional territory and the fact 0:49:33.340,0:49:37.450 that where we sit you know at Queen’s 0:49:35.110,0:49:38.860 Park is a traditional gathering place 0:49:37.450,0:49:41.170 that was there for hundreds of years 0:49:38.860,0:49:44.770 before that building stood there and and 0:49:41.170,0:49:47.110 and you feel that or I feel it when I 0:49:44.770,0:49:50.050 walk through those halls you know and 0:49:47.110,0:49:52.480 it’s 125 years old that building but to 0:49:50.050,0:49:54.370 be able to look down and see pictures of 0:49:52.480,0:49:56.290 people who you know how many people 0:49:54.370,0:49:58.090 remember some of them and to realize 0:49:56.290,0:50:01.090 that you’re a part of this great moving 0:49:58.090,0:50:03.700 stream again I guess just the river of 0:50:01.090,0:50:06.070 this the the you know people going 0:50:03.700,0:50:09.520 through and you’re just a small part of 0:50:06.070,0:50:11.740 that and and those those pieces I think 0:50:09.520,0:50:14.830 are very very cool just to be able to 0:50:11.740,0:50:16.840 take what we’ve been given to try to 0:50:14.830,0:50:20.080 make some slight improvements to it 0:50:16.840,0:50:21.940 mm-hmm and leave it better for the 0:50:20.080,0:50:24.550 people that come after you I got to say 0:50:21.940,0:50:26.670 when I moved here one of the the first 0:50:24.550,0:50:29.620 ever pictures I took was in the backyard 0:50:26.670,0:50:31.990 barefoot on the grass yeah because I had 0:50:29.620,0:50:34.390 not done that and I hadn’t had a 0:50:31.990,0:50:36.220 backyard in all my years in Toronto you 0:50:34.390,0:50:38.020 know like you know the concrete jungle 0:50:36.220,0:50:40.030 as it were right yeah and the next thing 0:50:38.020,0:50:41.560 was walking the trails which you know 0:50:40.030,0:50:43.540 you wouldn’t know where I am relative to 0:50:41.560,0:50:45.460 the river right now the trails are a 0:50:43.540,0:50:47.650 five minute walk from here and they go 0:50:45.460,0:50:49.390 and go and go and I’ve run those when I 0:50:47.650,0:50:51.880 could run my foot won’t let me do that 0:50:49.390,0:50:54.340 anymore but yeah I’ve walked it I’ve had 0:50:51.880,0:50:54.599 chats with myself beyond belief in some 0:50:54.340,0:50:56.430 of the 0:50:54.599,0:50:58.619 moments you know well in that you know 0:50:56.430,0:51:00.690 that 15k loop on your bike right no you 0:50:58.619,0:51:03.029 can go right here and go you know across 0:51:00.690,0:51:04.950 at the Lauren bridge and around and up 0:51:03.029,0:51:08.069 through the cemetery and across at the 0:51:04.950,0:51:10.529 loop yeah right and and that’s you know 0:51:08.069,0:51:12.210 I I it’s amazing how many people don’t 0:51:10.529,0:51:14.759 know about it yeah but it’s amazing how 0:51:12.210,0:51:16.049 many people do yeah and and and and we 0:51:14.759,0:51:18.660 take those things for granted how we’re 0:51:16.049,0:51:20.819 connected with it here and but it’s it’s 0:51:18.660,0:51:23.759 such an asset it’s such an ecological ax 0:51:20.819,0:51:28.140 asset and but also just such a such a 0:51:23.759,0:51:29.489 great you know people oh yeah no that’s 0:51:28.140,0:51:31.049 on the other side of the river it’s a 0:51:29.489,0:51:34.019 divider but it’s also brings people 0:51:31.049,0:51:36.390 together that it well it is a Ord yeah 0:51:34.019,0:51:38.880 or you know bye-bye traditions so by its 0:51:36.390,0:51:41.249 very nature the part of the Grand River 0:51:38.880,0:51:43.499 that we are you know residing in or 0:51:41.249,0:51:46.200 where the original settlers picked or 0:51:43.499,0:51:48.900 whatnot was a bridge yeah you know a 0:51:46.200,0:51:50.970 point like a better term and yeah 0:51:48.900,0:51:52.470 there’s a lot of locally as you say if 0:51:50.970,0:51:54.239 you’re in West Branch versus downtown 0:51:52.470,0:51:57.349 and when I’ve always said you know the 0:51:54.239,0:52:00.839 one of the harshest things for commuters 0:51:57.349,0:52:02.579 you’re tired you’re almost home and 0:52:00.839,0:52:03.930 you’re driving through the worst traffic 0:52:02.579,0:52:07.619 because you’re having to go through a 0:52:03.930,0:52:09.660 funnel through yeah okay yeah I’m not 0:52:07.619,0:52:11.789 gonna like downtown brantford I’m sorry 0:52:09.660,0:52:13.769 you know it’s that my most frustrating 0:52:11.789,0:52:16.170 point right there’s all those things 0:52:13.769,0:52:19.469 that that play into that Brian yeah 0:52:16.170,0:52:20.880 anytime you’ve got and we’re back and we 0:52:19.469,0:52:23.009 were talking about how the Grand River 0:52:20.880,0:52:26.219 connects everybody let’s expand a bit on 0:52:23.009,0:52:28.619 that well you know it it’s a it’s it’s 0:52:26.219,0:52:32.759 become a whole philosophy for me you 0:52:28.619,0:52:35.160 know the idea of many nations moving in 0:52:32.759,0:52:38.579 the same direction you know a two row 0:52:35.160,0:52:40.619 wampum a ten row wampum helping each 0:52:38.579,0:52:42.890 other working with each other and that’s 0:52:40.619,0:52:47.549 envisioned so well in the Grand River 0:52:42.890,0:52:49.700 it’s the only thing like physically that 0:52:47.549,0:52:52.890 really connects all the communities that 0:52:49.700,0:52:54.359 that that I represent and it flows from 0:52:52.890,0:52:57.119 one end right through to the other end 0:52:54.359,0:52:58.440 it keeps going I like the fact that even 0:52:57.119,0:52:59.940 though we know where the headwaters are 0:52:58.440,0:53:02.190 you can’t see where it comes from 0:52:59.940,0:53:04.079 mmm not not at that not at the edge of 0:53:02.190,0:53:06.779 where we live and you can’t see where 0:53:04.079,0:53:08.579 it’s going it’s it flows through and it 0:53:06.779,0:53:11.339 says so much about life 0:53:08.579,0:53:13.619 and I think in that sense it connects us 0:53:11.339,0:53:16.979 it brings us together and and we’re 0:53:13.619,0:53:19.079 we’re all going down this river you can 0:53:16.979,0:53:20.789 call life together and it’s and it’s 0:53:19.079,0:53:23.249 what we do with that moment in time 0:53:20.789,0:53:24.749 where we are and are you moving in the 0:53:23.249,0:53:26.009 same direction are you working with 0:53:24.749,0:53:29.339 everyone else are you seeking the 0:53:26.009,0:53:32.819 greater good and and I love that picture 0:53:29.339,0:53:34.949 it really speaks to me and and and it 0:53:32.819,0:53:37.499 informs the decisions that I have to 0:53:34.949,0:53:38.880 make mm-hmm the you know going back to 0:53:37.499,0:53:41.249 the thing you were saying earlier you’re 0:53:38.880,0:53:42.929 far more of a visual person and it’s 0:53:41.249,0:53:45.660 just something you look at that and it 0:53:42.929,0:53:47.880 stills the story it instills a belief it 0:53:45.660,0:53:50.189 instills an ideology it’s there yeah 0:53:47.880,0:53:52.739 yeah and we can that can get lost in the 0:53:50.189,0:53:55.079 mundane sometimes but we’re also a part 0:53:52.739,0:53:57.719 of something bigger and we’re not 0:53:55.079,0:53:59.670 meaningless things we we all have value 0:53:57.719,0:54:01.979 and you know there’s a hundred and 0:53:59.670,0:54:03.479 thirty thousand people that live in this 0:54:01.979,0:54:06.959 writing if you want to call it that and 0:54:03.479,0:54:08.939 and there’s ninety something thousand 0:54:06.959,0:54:11.339 people that that can vote and you know 0:54:08.939,0:54:12.749 what I I now have the opportunity it 0:54:11.339,0:54:15.569 just got a little bigger I used to have 0:54:12.749,0:54:18.749 my patients on the fire department 0:54:15.569,0:54:20.699 I had my community that way the Brant 0:54:18.749,0:54:22.529 waterways foundation they got a little 0:54:20.699,0:54:24.539 bigger connecting a little bit more and 0:54:22.529,0:54:25.890 then County Council thirty seven 0:54:24.539,0:54:28.729 thousand people in the county of Brant 0:54:25.890,0:54:31.439 and now it’s this this whole area that 0:54:28.729,0:54:34.229 I’m working for and what I love about is 0:54:31.439,0:54:36.869 it’s it’s not so much about what I want 0:54:34.229,0:54:39.359 to do it’s about what’s best for the 0:54:36.869,0:54:41.549 community and and I’ll screw up I 0:54:39.359,0:54:44.039 promise there’s some people might listen 0:54:41.549,0:54:46.679 to that and say yeah yeah but it’s it’s 0:54:44.039,0:54:48.390 it’s about you know how what can we do 0:54:46.679,0:54:51.089 that’s best for everyone and to build a 0:54:48.390,0:54:53.880 place that’s better than what we left 0:54:51.089,0:54:55.890 and welcoming to people that move in 0:54:53.880,0:54:57.630 like it was welcoming to me mm-hmm and 0:54:55.890,0:54:59.640 see that’s the nice thing is is you’re 0:54:57.630,0:55:01.319 rooted back to that so you haven’t 0:54:59.640,0:55:03.539 necessarily forgotten what it’s like to 0:55:01.319,0:55:04.679 be new to the area or what it’s you know 0:55:03.539,0:55:07.140 meant to be let’s say a different 0:55:04.679,0:55:09.299 culture or not and you know we brought 0:55:07.140,0:55:10.859 up that the mosque recently you know and 0:55:09.299,0:55:13.019 obviously they had their their vandalism 0:55:10.859,0:55:14.939 recently and you know they’re still 0:55:13.019,0:55:16.229 brittle you know building bridges after 0:55:14.939,0:55:18.420 that ya know and that’s 0:55:16.229,0:55:20.670 speaks volumes of them as well no and 0:55:18.420,0:55:22.319 and and you know at the end people are 0:55:20.670,0:55:24.630 different color people or did 0:55:22.319,0:55:26.819 and religions other people don’t have 0:55:24.630,0:55:29.130 religion at all and yet we’re all people 0:55:26.819,0:55:32.609 mm-hmm we need food we need drink we 0:55:29.130,0:55:36.150 want a great place to live to work 0:55:32.609,0:55:38.519 to play and to raise a family and and 0:55:36.150,0:55:42.749 thanks Walter for that one then and and 0:55:38.519,0:55:44.729 that idea is is is what drives me when 0:55:42.749,0:55:46.169 one of the biggest things and I love the 0:55:44.729,0:55:47.880 fact that I can actually hear the cat 0:55:46.169,0:55:51.209 purring you know really oh yeah this is 0:55:47.880,0:55:52.829 awesome the what I love about the Walter 0:55:51.209,0:55:54.479 bit and I’ve been fortunate enough to 0:55:52.829,0:55:56.519 have him you know fall asleep in my car 0:55:54.479,0:55:58.140 and you know I’ve been the one driving 0:55:56.519,0:56:00.329 him to Toronto and all sudden you hear 0:55:58.140,0:56:03.630 the snoring in the passenger seat right 0:56:00.329,0:56:05.219 but it’s the you know I always say Wayne 0:56:03.630,0:56:07.469 was is the great one 0:56:05.219,0:56:09.449 yes but Walter is the grateful one and 0:56:07.469,0:56:11.489 when you take up that gratefulness that 0:56:09.449,0:56:13.289 exudes on a day to day basis and let’s 0:56:11.489,0:56:15.509 be honest the man lives pretty much a 0:56:13.289,0:56:17.189 Groundhog Day type of you know every day 0:56:15.509,0:56:18.900 he looks at his calendar and he puts on 0:56:17.189,0:56:20.819 the smile and he goes yeah and he comes 0:56:18.900,0:56:22.319 home and he resets it and it goes back 0:56:20.819,0:56:24.539 out the next day and he’s an energized 0:56:22.319,0:56:26.039 Energizer Bunny for it right yeah but 0:56:24.539,0:56:28.949 really at the end of the day that 0:56:26.039,0:56:30.689 gratefulness exudes and I’ve told him 0:56:28.949,0:56:32.880 face-to-face I didn’t know you before 0:56:30.689,0:56:35.309 your accident I didn’t know you at all 0:56:32.880,0:56:37.949 but I know you now and the gratefulness 0:56:35.309,0:56:40.019 is huge yeah and in many ways I think 0:56:37.949,0:56:42.329 the gratefulness is better than the 0:56:40.019,0:56:43.589 greatness in that sense oh for sure you 0:56:42.329,0:56:47.099 know what I mean yeah that’s such a 0:56:43.589,0:56:49.199 great point you know so anything you 0:56:47.099,0:56:50.819 want to add as we winds down you know 0:56:49.199,0:56:52.559 what I really appreciate the fact that 0:56:50.819,0:56:54.209 you took the time to invite me out here 0:56:52.559,0:56:56.579 we had to reschedule once because of 0:56:54.209,0:56:57.989 weather and but just just to be able to 0:56:56.579,0:57:00.269 have a conversation about those things 0:56:57.989,0:57:02.329 and to be able to share that the the 0:57:00.269,0:57:05.549 connections are personal mm-hmm and 0:57:02.329,0:57:08.459 where I function best is on a personal 0:57:05.549,0:57:11.130 level I will never get to meet everyone 0:57:08.459,0:57:12.869 that I’m working for and the ability to 0:57:11.130,0:57:16.140 reach out to a few more people and to 0:57:12.869,0:57:17.729 express Who I am and you know if I can 0:57:16.140,0:57:20.459 put that at the end you know if you have 0:57:17.729,0:57:21.749 an issue and it might not be provincial 0:57:20.459,0:57:23.130 it might be municipal it might be 0:57:21.749,0:57:25.140 federal it might be personal 0:57:23.130,0:57:27.630 you know our phone number is five one 0:57:25.140,0:57:31.409 nine seven five nine zero three six one 0:57:27.630,0:57:35.620 and the email addresses will dot Balma 0:57:31.409,0:57:38.290 at PC dot Ola 0:57:35.620,0:57:39.910 org and you know what I work for you and 0:57:38.290,0:57:42.430 if you need my help with something let 0:57:39.910,0:57:43.980 me know and on that note thank you sir 0:57:42.430,0:57:58.230 thank you 0:57:43.980,0:57:58.230 [Music]