Emerging Stronger Masterclass

As a Learning Leader, are you ready to Emerge from 2020 with a new perspective into Learning Learning leadership?

Join this masterclass series for Learning and Development Leaders to look at learning challenges from a new point-of-view.

Emerging Stronger Masterclasses are scheduled over 6 weeks and 3 time zones. If you are from North America, Europe, or Australia there is a time slot for you!

Make 2021 a breakthrough year for you as an L&D leader, for your team, and your organization by looking at problems and opportunities in a fresh way in order to make change happen and drive business value.

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Are you a L&D leader who is in a place to make or influence change in your organization?

The Emerging Stronger is the event for you!

Are you responsible for any/all of the following:

  • Supporting your organization’s strategic direction
  • Building L&D capability
  • Building relationships with stakeholders
  • Leading or managing a team
  • Managing change or influencing change initiatives
  • Managing a budget, resources, learning technologies or processes
  • Transforming your learning strategy into a learning ecosystem

6 masterclass sessions over 6 weeks (with a peer showcase) will give you:

  • An expert-led, deep-dive into 4 key topics (lenses) identified through the Emergent podcast series (Data, Community, Experimentation, and Technology).
  • Hands-on practice applying these lenses to a case study alongside progressive peers with the support of experts and the Emergent hosts (Laura Overton, Shannon Tipton of Learning Rebels, Michelle Ockers)
  • Application of the 4 lenses to a challenge/opportunity in your business for fresh insights and a practical plan to take immediate action.

Emerging Stronger will help you:

  • Effectively make the case for change in L&D
  • Take action with greater confidence and courage
  • Build your credibility and reputation
  • Build your team by sharing approaches and insights
  • Build your network with like-minded peers and experts, drawing on strength of our network
  • Create business value through better solutions with stronger buy-in

Ever wish you had access to a group of minds to help you through your biggest challenges?

With Emerging Stronger you will have access to not one, but multiple brains to workshop your challenges.

Gain stronger skills in:

  • Building stronger business propositions and crafting better business cases
  • Building stronger stakeholder connections and achieving buy-in faster
  • Increasing your confidence in new learning approaches, practices and applications
  • Preparing your team for applying a growth mindset for 2021
  • Connecting learning to business value and strategic initiatives
  • Building your personal and teams reputation
  • Strengthening your voice within your organization

Masterclasses will cover the following:

  • Session #1: Deep dive into Lenses: Data and Community
  • Session #2: Deep dive into lenses: Experiment and Technology
  • Session #3: Lens application into case study #1
  • Session #4: Lens application into case study #2
  • Session #5: Bring Your Own Business Challenge (peer review)
  • Session #6: Bring Your Own Business Challenge (Peer Review)

Weekly Expert Access sessions

Ongoing Emerging Stronger Network access to people, resources, and tools


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