Emerging Stronger Masterclass Network

  • As a Learning Leader, are you ready to Emerge from 2020 with a new perspective into Learning Learning leadership?

    Join this masterclass series for Learning and Development Leaders to look at learning challenges from a new point-of-view.

    Emerging Stronger Masterclasses are scheduled over 6 weeks and 3 time zones. If you are from North America, Europe, or Australia there is a time slot for you! Make 2021 a breakthrough year for you as an L&D leader, for your team, and your organization by looking at problems and opportunities in a fresh way in order to make change happen and drive business value.
  • Ever wish you had access to a group of minds to help you through your biggest challenges?

    With Emerging Stronger Network you will have access to not one, but multiple brains to workshop your challenges.

    We created the Emerging Stronger Network to support the Emergent Masterclass series. This is to bring you together with equally passionate people ready to look at learning and development in a very different way.
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